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We have quite a bit of dog hair around our house. (Perhaps I’ve mentioned it before.) As a result, our Dyson gets quite a workout, and I must say I’m impressed with how good a job it does. (I’m getting a little annoyed with Dyson’s commercials, though. What’s Mr. Dyson’s deal, exactly? It’s a vacuum cleaner, guy. The overlord tone is getting old.)

Anyway, Dysons truly are champs at handling dog hair, and now Dyson’s come out with something designed to address the hair problem at its source — that is, while it’s still on your dog. The Dyson Groom is a new tool (vacuum cleaner not included, of course) that you use to literally vacuum your dog. The Dyson Groom sucks the loose hair right off Fido before it has a chance to fly about and land on your floor, your furniture, or your children and friends.

Now, lest you laugh, I have friends who vacuum their dogs (with their standard vacuum attachments), and reportedly (a) it works and (b) the dogs love it. In the case of the Groom, though, $69.99 will buy you that super-special Dyson engineering — including slicker bristles that gently pull and smooth the hair, a spring-loaded trigger and storage mode, one-handed thumb control, and a self-cleaning mechanism.

Depending on your dog’s feelings about the vaccuum cleaner, it may or may not resemble a medieval torture device.

You can learn more about the Dyson Groom at Dyson’s website.

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I’m not a huge fan of retractable leashes at all. (Actually, I have used several bad words in reference to retractable leashes before, but I know a lot of dog owners like them, and I don’t want to go too far and possibly offend any one of my seven or eight readers out there.) I spotted the Quirky Kōsoku retractable leash on Pawesome recently, though, and like Kit DeLuca, I think it’s got potential.

The Kōsoku leash was developed by Quirky based on an idea submitted by reader Sara Carpenter. Now available for presale, it features a retractable 6-foot leash, a special pocket for waste bags, reflective tape for safety, and a shock-absorbent handle for ergonomic comfort.

(image credit: pawesome.net)

Pretty cool, huh? (And if you got that Pretty Woman reference up there, then I think you’re pretty cool.)

The Kōsoku leash is currently on presale at Quirky.

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I know it’s probably not cool to say, since it’s 2010 and I’m under the age of 55, but I totally love LL Bean. Seriously. I just ordered two shirts from them yesterday. Look, sometimes sensible clothes just MAKE SENSE, people, OK?

I’ll tell you what else makes sense — this nifty little Trailblazer Walking Light I peeped while I was over there orderin’ up my tank tops. It’s perfectly shaped for holding whilst you walk a dog, and it shines a light both down to your feet and at the path ahead. Plus, it’s got a neat little blinky red LED in the back to make you more visible to approaching motorists in the dark.

Fetch it from the one, the only — LL Bean.

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We get up early and take our dogs for a walk every morning before work (OK, OK… not every morning, but most mornings). It’s, of course, important to allow the dogs to expend some energy before leaving them cooped up all day, and it’s also a great way to get moving and get our daily exercise out of the way first thing. (I have to repeat that to myself as often as possible to convince myself it’s true. Ask me when that alarm goes off bright and early, and I’ll have a harder time articulating such, what with the grumbling and cursing and all.)

Honestly, though, the only times I really, really dislike our morning jaunts are those times of the year when it’s still dark for most of our walk… you know, like now. It’s creepy to walk around in the dark, and the flashlight we carry, which hardly illuminates the sidewalk under our feet, probably doesn’t illuminate us very well, either, for passing motorists.

The Beacon™ safety light from Ruff Wear is a pretty neat little product. It clips to a collar, leash, harness, or human and emits a red light in multiple directions to make you and your dog more visible to passing cars (or, in our case, speeding, careening school buses), and its four LEDs never need replacing.


Is it cool enough to motivate me to jump out of bed on a dark, cold morning? Indeed, no. But it’s still pretty cool.

Fetch The Beacon™ from Ruff Wear online or at a store near you.

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I have mixed feelings about Port-A-Poo poop bag holders. On one hand, I think they’re unbelievably brilliant. The Port-A-Poo clips to your dog’s leash to hold “used” poop bags on a walk, leaving your hand free (and keeping the stink as far away from your nose as possible).


On the other hand, I’m completely disgusted with myself, ’cause I totally thought of a similar idea a few years back. Ahh, well. Guess I’ll have to make my million some other way.

See how Port-Poo-Works, look for a retailer or order, and learn about the awesome family that totally beat me to the punch here.

(And thanks to our pal Morgan (well, actually his mom) for tellin’ us about Port-A-Poo!)

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Ever wonder what your dogs do all day long while you’re gone? Or curious what the world looks like to a four-legger? Thanks to Uncle Milton toys and the wonders of digital photography, the answers to these and other questions can now be yours.

The Pet’s Eye View digital collar camera clips neatly on your dog’s collar (as the wonderfully superimposed Golden shot below illustrates) and can be set to take pictures automatically every 1, 5, or 15 minutes, up to 40 photos. The kit includes a USB cable for uploading photos to your Mac or PC.


I think Mingus’ pictures would be of Dottie prancing around in my best pair of heels, a scarf tied Thelma/Louise-style around her head. Dottie’s camera, on the other hand, would be toast within five minutes flat.

$49.99 at perpetualkid.com. Check out photos taken with the collar cam at Think Geek.

(Just as an aside, we always remove the dogs’ collars when we’re not around to supervise, just for safety’s sake.)

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I’ve often heard dog owners express the sentiment that if they could, they’d put a GPS tracking device on their dog so that if Fido ever got lost, they’d know exactly where to find him.

Well, with the Garmin Astro dog tracking system, dog owners can do just that.


Simply place the Astro collar (i.e., GPS transmitter) on Fido’s neck, activate the color-screen handheld device, and bingo — you can track your dog’s current location, path, and status (sitting, pointing, walking) within up to 7 miles.


Although billed for use by hunters using tracking dogs in the field, I don’t know many who wouldn’t gladly fork over $599.99 to be able to locate a missing best friend.

Check it out at Garmin’s site.

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