March 30, 2011Pablo Striped Dog Sling

Confession time, guys and gals: I know I probably don’t pay enough attention to small dogs on this blog. I was out running errands yesterday afternoon, and as I pulled into a parking space, to my right sat a teeny little chi in a Ford Expedition just staring at me, like seriously giving me the stinkeye. As our staring contest progressed I realized the little chi was trying to tell me something, that I need to think more about the little guys.

It’s nothing personal, I swear. It’s just that since I don’t have little dogs, I don’t often realize they have different needs. For example, I rarely think about the fact that some of you actually can and do carry their dogs out and about with them. Y’all are lucky, and you need and want stylish gear.

Such as the Pablo striped dog sling.

The Pablo sling is machine-washable and features an adjustable strap, quilted lining, and a button-down cover. You can fetch the sling in Pablo and other patterns at Bark Slope.

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  1. georgia little pea’s avatar

    Haha funny write up :) I wonder how big those slingbags go.

  2. Lori @ According to Gus’s avatar

    Hooray for the little dogs! As much as I wanted Gus to be a dog who enjoyed riding in a stylish carrier, he is NOT. Sadly, there are several dog bags upstairs packed away, including an uber cute red canvas bag with leather trim I purchased from Red Envelope!

  3. Leesia’s avatar

    I wonder how our 7 lb-er would like this…I’ve resisted looking at carriers bc I’m not very frou frou, but sienna shrieks at other dogs and makes our other two go nuts, so if we want to take her out in public anymore I have to find something to keep her up and away to keep her from riling up the others…

  4. Ashley’s avatar

    I’m not going to lie, before I fell in insta-love with Miss Prudence, I was on the hunt for a purse dog. 80% because of the fact that I have a thousand and one mental problems that are greatly aided by the constant presence of a pooch, and 20% because I have an affinity towards the tiny and quaint. Pru is definitely not, nor has ever been a purse dog (plus I would probably die if I had to lug around her 18lbs all day) but I can still dream.. and my dreams now involve that sling bag.

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