March 9, 2011Doggie Legwarmers from The Hydrant

So, being 33 means that you’ve lived long enough to see various fashions come and go and come back again. Popped collars, shutter shades, even (gagggg) shoulder pads — these have all been done before. One fashion trend I’ve actually been kind of stoked to welcome back is leg warmers. I don’t know – there’s just something warm and cozy and “Get in Shape, Girl” that I love about them. (And if you got that “Get in Shape, Girl” reference, you’re probably also somewhere around 33. Congratulations!)

The Hydrant, out of Toronto, crafts legwarmers for dogs that, hello, I love. It’s fashion with function — and functionality is my rule when it comes to clothes on dogs.

The Hydrant’s handmade cotton legwarmers are available in sizes extra small to extra large (or custom sizes). Check them out at The Hydrant.

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  1. Anne Good’s avatar

    Ah! This is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time! I love how the Westie is channeling Rainbow Brite!

  2. Amy L-H’s avatar

    Gah! Love them! And actually quite functional for my iggies’ long, skinny legs. I can’t wait to see the looks on our neighbors’ faces now.

  3. Pup Fan’s avatar

    I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t singing the Flashbeagle song right now. I have posted about my love of this Snoopy special on my blog before, so I guess it wasn’t really a secret!

    In case you are just dying to watch the clip:

    :) Thanks for the Wednesday smile!

  4. Lori @ According to Gus’s avatar

    Genius. I’m imagining Gus with legwarmers, a sweat band, spandex and my yoga mat.

  5. Adventureweiner’s avatar

    Too Cute. Too bad my doggies legs are so short. I don’t think these would work for them.

  6. Wendy @’s avatar

    I need to see these on a basset hound or a corgi pronto.

  7. Peaches’s avatar

    Let’s get physical! I can just see Charlie in the down dog position with these on!

  8. gingela5’s avatar

    So ridiculous yet somehow I MUST HAVE THEM! They are ADORABLE! Love them!

  9. phetched’s avatar

    @Pup Fan – You’d think the floor was greased by the way he moves his feet!

    @Adventureweiner (best name ever) – There are custom sizes available! Little legwarmers for doxies… they’d fit perfectly on my thumbs, I bet. :D

  10. alexa’s avatar

    Topaz… Is totally going to be wearing these.

    Your tweet made me laugh! Seriously though- these are adorable!!!

  11. Jaime from Dog Milk’s avatar

    HAHA – I had all the Get In Shape, Girl stuff. I’m 32 – was there right with ya!

    Great minds…

  12. heaven’s avatar

    oh d…d…ddeear pooh! Those are cutness. i want some for me. :)

  13. georgia little pea’s avatar


    I’ve been surreptitiously looking at the goodies you gather here on your blog. I suspect, as a tough big pigdog owner, I’m not supposed to like doggie accessories, but my goodness! you find some beauties!

    i have no idea if Georgia would ever like or require legwarmers, but they sure would look good on her, in a very 80s Olivia Newton John way :)

    Have a great day and thanks for sharing all this Stuff!

  14. phetched’s avatar

    Thanks for your sweet words :D And everybody needs to go check out your blog, too. Well, if they like smart, funny stuff, that is.

  15. Jackie’s avatar

    omg those are amazing. the thought of them on a wiener dog made me laugh out loud!

  16. Samantha’s avatar

    Seriously. We just died… and then revived ourselves to share on Barkzilla. Great find!

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