December 2, 2010P.L.A.Y.: Dog Beds for You (and your dog)

Let’s talk about dog beds. Let’s talk about how booooooring some dog beds are. Solid-colored, stuffing-filled lumps. Or even worse…. plaid. Come on, now. That’s not you. You have style. You have panache. You’ve got a dog who needs a snazzy dog bed.

San Francisco-based P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You) is here to help. Their modern dog beds, many featuring sophisticated but fun designs by artist David Collins, offer a bold answer to boring dog beds.

Pretty cool, right? Not boring at all. Plus, what’s even cooler – P.L.A.Y. beds are filled with stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles, with a large round bed containing as many as 92 recycled plastic bottles. PLUS, if you’ve already got a bed that’s perfectly good, if only a little booooooring, P.L.A.Y. offers their awesome designs in covers alone. Brilliant!

You can see all the designs and fetch non-boring beds at P.L.A.Y.

(OK, OK, kidding about the plaid thing. Sort of.)

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  1. Ashley’s avatar

    Don’t you diss plaid! Plaid and I are having a love affair at the moment :)

  2. Helen’s avatar

    Unfortunately, my duo destroy any bed we have gotten them. I think we been through about 6 each in the last year :(

  3. phetched’s avatar

    Yikes! We always take the beds out of the room my pups stay in when we leave them alone, as we’ve lost a few, too, over the years… I think a big, fluffy bed is just too tempting.

    @Ashley – :D

  4. Kim’s avatar

    I’m actually with you on the plaid thing – I’ve got one and keep vowing to get rid of it. These are nice, especially because of the recycled aspect. I love the green one – bright and cute!

  5. Two Pitties in the City’s avatar

    It is really hard to find good-looking dog beds. I do love that they’re made from recyclables.

  6. Steph B’s avatar

    Oh man, I LOVE the black and grey chandelier bed. That’s cute enough to go on the couch, nevermind being a dog bed!

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