June 2, 2009Power Shopping: Crypton Doodle Bags

I’m loving these reusable shopper bags and totes from William Wegman and seriously substantial Crypton Fabrics. Available in an array of candy colors and featuring the Picasso-esque Wegman dog doodle, like all Crypton products, the bags are stain, moisture, and odor resistant (and also machine-washable, in case all that protection’s not fierce enough for ya).


Fetch them at Stuck Up Doggie, along with preshy pillows and dog beds featuring the same pattern.

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  1. Jen’s avatar

    Great little resource you have goin’ on here! Even if i’m of the non-dog owner/lover minority. Love that form+function can exist even with doggie related stuffs. Cute bags. I love bags….

  2. Jackie’s avatar

    I just purchase the bigger bag and I just love it! StuckUpDoggie.com is having 10% sale this weekend and with free shipping, I am going to get one in another color!

  3. Mary Sweeney’s avatar

    I saw these doggie bags and purchased a blue bag, blue throw pillow, and a matching blue dog bed. I love this design and the prices at stuckupdoggie.com even without the free shipping and 10% were way lower than on Crypton’s own web store! The bed prices are pretty low considering they are covered in this terrific fabric. Oh, I also went all out and bought a tee and a collar, too. Neat stuff. I cannot wait to get my shipment! My Twitter followers are goning to have to hear all about it!

  4. phetched’s avatar

    That’s a great deal — awesome! Be sure to send your Twitter followers over here to phetched, Mary! :D (I’m still new at the whole Twitter thing. I have to say I get a little confused and overwhelmed by it all… I call myself a tweeb.) :)

  5. Diane’s avatar

    Love the bags. Love the comments. Love you.

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