August 23, 2010Made for Walkin’: Tree Parlor Saddle Wags

Can we talk about a little problem we’re having here? It’s not pretty. Mingus has apparently decided he now has to poop twice on every walk. Is it his food? Is it a seasonal thing? Has he simply found yet another way to be jerky? It’s hard to tell. But the sad truth is we go through a lot of poop bags these days.

How about a spiffy little walking vest that would allow him to carry his own poop bags, both empty and, er, used? Excellent idea.

Tree Parlor, a wonderful little Etsy shop based just down the road from me in Greenville, SC, features Saddle Wags™, awesome little walking vests and jackets (many made from upcycled clothing) with expandable pockets for carrying poop bags, cell phones, house keys, or whatever else you might need on your walk. Tree Parlor also offers some cute but classy winter coats for when this heat (finally) passes on.

Fetch Saddle Wags™ at Tree Parlor’s Etsy shop.

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  1. The Teacher's Pets’s avatar

    I found your site via HOUND GIRL and I love your blog so much that I decided to follow you right away! I own a coonhound and because of her long body and athletic build it is difficult to find a coat for her. I can’t just walk into a standard store and grab a coat and hope it fits her so I’ve found that greyhound coats fit her ALMOST perfectly. I adore the coats that you’ve recommended! They are very unique and very sensible! My blog is if you’d like to visit!

  2. Dog Milk’s avatar

    I love that hoodie in the last photo! Adorable.

  3. Pup Fan’s avatar

    What a cool idea! Very smart. :)

  4. phetched’s avatar

    @Teacher’s Pets – Mingus is long and lanky too, kind of like a greyhound with long hair! (LOTS of hair…)

  5. Peaches’s avatar

    That hoodie is so cute! I am going to check into these when the weather cools down (when that EVER happens)!

  6. Krazy4Pets’s avatar

    These are so cute. I like the Donation Coat. It looks like Phetched website ;)

  7. phetched’s avatar

    OMG, it totally does!! Maybe I need to get one for Mingus + Dottie and let them collect *cough cough* “donations” for me :D

  8. blanket’s avatar

    These are so great! I really like the hoodie, it’s so different to others you see.

  9. kamnel’s avatar

    These are so cute! I like them because our pups aren’t big on jackets with sleeves. Saving to my favorites!

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