June 28, 2010Martha Stewart Pets

I moseyed over to PetSmart this weekend to pick up some glucosamine tabs for Ming and Dizz (good enough excuse, right?), but I was secretly hoping I’d finally get to sneak a peek at the new Martha Stewart Pets line. Ever since hearing that the collection would debut in PetSmart this month, I’ve been eager to take a gander at what Sharkey and Francesca’s mom would come up with.

The collection is far bigger than I thought it would be, complete with bowls, feeders, leashes, collars, clothing, beds, grooming tools, and toys. The design is clean, and the colors are pleasing. In my humble opinion, the highlights of the collection? The grooming tote, waste bag dispensers, crocheted squeaky toys, and super-affordable mattress beds.

Martha Stewart Pets is currently available in-store at select PetSmarts but should be available online soon.

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  1. jen’s avatar

    i’m such a freaking fan of Martha Stewart. This stuff looks fantastic :)

  2. Peaches’s avatar

    I love the little wallet for the baggies. I almost bought one of those cheap plastic baggie rollers at Wal-Mart this weekend. I’m so glad I didn’t, because now I want this one. Robin’s egg blue is one of my favorite colors, and when we did Charles’ color analysis, this color came up as one that goes well with his fur tone. (I’m kidding!)

  3. Kristy’s avatar

    I feel like Martha Stewart is a lot like Communism. A lot of pretty incredible things can be done very quickly with the system in place but in the end, it’s a bad idea to stand behind it because eventually you will starve and have no potatoes left to eat. Some cute stuff though.

  4. phetched’s avatar

    …and you’ll pay out the nose for black-market dungarees. I hear you, though, Kristy. But did you see?? Squeaky crocheted eggplant!!! If loving that is wrong… well, you know the rest. :D

  5. Kate’s avatar

    This is great news. I love Martha.

  6. Vince’s avatar

    Her beds are okay, I like her bowls, but the Martha Stewart harness and matching leash are to die. I have never received so many compliments on anything I have bought for Maceo before. Wish I could get a belt to match, could use some good will sent my way!

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