May 18, 2009Super unbelievable free dog art giveaway!

UPDATE:  This contest is now closed, but please check back soon for more contests and giveaways! And congratulations to our winner, Dianne!

We featured Marc Tetro’s colorful and expressive dog art drawings here, and in celebration of phetched‘s official grand launch, we’re giving away one of his prints ABSOLUTELY FREE! An 11×14″ print of Marc Tetro’s “Four Dogs,” ready for framing and display in your home, can be yours just for visiting phetched!


All you have to do to is comment on THIS POST to be entered in a drawing to win the print. Please provide your name and email address so we can contact you if your name is drawn. (Your email address will NOT be displayed publicly.) If you own a dog, we’d love for you to tell us what kind of dog you have and what’s the last dog product, excluding food, that you purchased (i.e., a harness, a Kong, a straightjacket). Don’t own a dog? That’s OK… we accept everyone here at phetched, so you can go on ahead and enter, too.

While you’re here, please become a fan of phetched on Facebook. We’d really appreciate it.

Contest closes at 11:59 p.m. Friday, May 22nd. One entry per person, please. Yee-haw!

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  1. Helen’s avatar

    I have Rosie the German Shepherd. Hmm, the last dog product I bought was an Air Kong yesterday, but that’s getting mailed to the UK. For Rosie, salmon oil and a Kong Wubba.

    Hi Ming and Dottie!

  2. Claggett’s avatar

    Fisher (black spitz mix) and Delilah (red border collie.)

    Let’s see, the dogs have staked out a large portion of the budget this week…food, heartworm pills, and a 7″ stuffed gray squirrel toy. I’m guessing you’re only very interested in the latter. :)

  3. Douglas’s avatar

    I have a 4 year old tricolor Basset Hound named Banjo. She’s asked for a t-shirt that says LOL for her birthday.

  4. Wendy’s avatar

    I have Daisy, she is a chocolate lab! I just have to add that labs rock!

    The last dog item I purchased was a huge frisbee for her to play with. That was meant for kids though, does that count as a dog item? If not, I bought her a stuffed bear which already has his face gone:(

  5. Joan’s avatar

    I have Zoe, a schnoodle, and Roxi a cairn terrier. The last product i bought for them were Lupine collars. : )

  6. Stacie’s avatar

    My dog Kitai is a black and white scruffy mutt.

    Two days ago I purchased the largest multi pack of biodegradable poop bags I could find. The next product I am buying for him is a doggie T-shirt off of Cafepress.

  7. Ann’s avatar

    We’ve got Maggie & Quinn, both Australian Shepherd mixes. I think the last things I bought for them were a couple of Life Is Good collars on sale for half-off.

  8. Deb’s avatar

    I have Tedibear, the world’s coolest Golden Retriever and cancer survivor.

    The last thing I purchased for Tedi was a chicken that looked like a hippie chick. It has a peace sign necklace.

  9. Susan’s avatar

    I have Sugar, a Lhasa/Yorkie mix, and Peanutty and Bambi… both chihuahuas.

    The last thing I purchased was a doggy dress for Bambi, since she is one that tolerates clothing the best out of the three of them. BOL!

  10. Lindsay’s avatar

    My doggy daughter is a miniature, red dapple, daschund. Her name is Mini. The last thing I bought Mini (other than food!) is a pink, Snugga Wubba kong toy. Mini loooves soft, stuffed toys but she always rips them to shreds within an hour. This toy is a hard Kong wrapped in soft fuzzy material. Shes getting a nice soft toy but I dont have to keep buying them over and over! Great for fetch and tug.

    Crossing my paws I win, good luck to all,
    **Lindsay and Mini

  11. Jessica’s avatar

    I am owned by Hershey, a fluffy chocolate bear of a dog that was rescued from a shelter in Virginia and brought up to the shelter I adopted him from. The last thing I bought Hershey was a yummy bully stick and a box of healthy peanut butter cookies from Trader Joe’s!

  12. Meg’s avatar

    I have a 4 year old Bassett named Banjo. We don’t actually buy her much (sad, I know??) but her grandparents bought her a busy buddy and a bag of busy buddy berries for Christmas and she loves it! It’s purple, shaped like a bone and you put the busy buddy berries in either end of it. She loves it and we love when she plays with it because it makes her smell grapey/purplish. Would LOVE to win!! Love this artwork and I seem to remember a sweet bassett hound piece in your last post! :)

  13. Emily weisbrot’s avatar

    I have Buddy, a german shepherd/lab/husky/dobie/whatever you want him to be MUTT! Last thing I bought was the furminator.

  14. Jennifer’s avatar

    I have a dog named Lucy and she is a Lab/Border Collie/Pain in the Ass mix. The last thing I purchased for her was a dog toy which she ignores, preferring to chew up Crayolas instead.

  15. Carina’s avatar

    I have 3 dogs. I have an Alaskan malamute, Yukiko and two shiba inus – Tetsuya and Deshi. The last item I bought was Three Dog Bakery dog treats.

  16. Laura’s avatar

    My pet companions are Talker and Savannah (uncle and niece). They’re two basenjis which I adore! We recently all went on a short four day trip so to get them ready they got two seat belt harnesses; treats, bones and one new collar for Savannah. Then I forgot to bring their food bowl so we had to stop at a petstore to buy new bowls.

  17. Lamia’s avatar

    I have Raja Babu, a Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso mic, and Cassandra, a Pembroke Welsh corgi! This weekend they went to a picnic and were the hits of the show!

  18. Ruth’s avatar

    I’m the proud Mom of Kelpie, a four-year-old Basentriever. What, you’ve never heard of a Basentriever? It’s a dog that looks (and acts) like a cross between a Basenji and a Golden Retriever. Seriously, the vet just shrugged and said “I doubt either of her parents were purebreds — cute, though.” The last thing I bought her was a one-pound bag of peanutbutter flavor Zuke’s minitreats — we’re taking recreational agility classes again.

  19. Steve’s avatar

    Ruth, apparently google has never heard of a Basentriever either. She’s one of a kind.

  20. Ruth’s avatar

    That she is. Too bad, though, because people ask me what breed she is because she’s the “perfect dog.” Since I was looking for the perfect dog, and there’s only one of her, I was lucky to find her.

  21. Anne Good’s avatar

    I have three dogs, Zoey: a white chihuahua, Leroy: a brindle chihhuahua, and Stella: an auburn Italian Greyhound/Jack Russell mix! The last thing we got for them (thanks to were “Big Brother and Big Sister” shirts. (I’m expecting our first child). You can see pics here:

  22. Dawn (Sanford's Mom)’s avatar

    Very Kewl Picture. I LOVE IT!!!! I Have a English Bulldog named Sanford.

  23. Victoria Yang’s avatar

    My dog Morgan is a terrier mix.

    The last thing I bought him was two teeth extractions at the vet! :P For fun it was a new package of extra small squeaky tennis balls so we can practice flyball.

  24. Dianne’s avatar

    My dogs are Mellow, Caelen, Lainie, Levi and Kade, and the last thing dog related I bought was a new leash for Lainie after Caelen chewed it in half when they were both at the vet’s office. Love the site!

  25. Michael Faber’s avatar

    My puppers Stella got a super strong plush cow (3x stronger than normal, so it says) with a squeaker inside that she love to trot around the house squeaking incessantly. Needless to say, she loves her new toy, but we have to put it away at night so we don’t go crazy.

  26. Monica’s avatar

    We have the MarkTetro GSD in the office! I have 2 GSDs, Effie & Trets. They are the bestest. I bought T a cow trachea chew (MMM) for his good work at a GSD Rescue event. Toys neverlasy long, so they spend their allowance on chewies.

  27. Sarah’s avatar

    I do not have a dog, but I still want to win the dog art! Pick me, pick ME!!!
    PS: I am thinking of getting a Pug!

  28. Wendy Barkett’s avatar

    Hi there! We are owned by:
    Nugget, and 8 year old long coated dachshund
    Daisy Mae, a 7 year old long coated dachshund
    Duke , a 3 year old chihuahua/papillon mix, we think.

    They last thing they had us buy for them was a furminator. We love it, they’re ok with it. And just before that was some new toys, plush.
    Great print by the way. Would look cute in any home!

  29. Kayla’s avatar

    I have 2 shelties, a blue merle named Jet and a mahogany sable named Lance.
    The last things we bought were a red kong and a frisbee.
    Also, it wasn’t FOR them, but we bought carpet cleaner since Lance sometimes has accidents in the house. :)

  30. Callie’s avatar

    How cute, sadly I don’t have a dog anymore. The last one I had was a very old dalmation. =]

  31. Frank’s avatar

    i want a puppy.

  32. Tania’s avatar

    I have two black labs.
    The last dog item that I bought was, and I don’t know if this counts as food, but a bag of Made in the USA Rawhides. Other than that it was two Kong Wubba’s.

  33. Kim’s avatar

    we have a cat that THINKS he is a dog!

  34. Raelena’s avatar

    My dog, Domino, is a chihuahua/poodle mix! The last thing I bought her was a dog bone plush toy

  35. oona b’s avatar

    We don’t have a dog (just a insane grey tabby named Oliver) but Grandma has a schnauzer named Dutch that we consider family. When visit, we bring him stuffed animals to rip up!

  36. Daniella wolff’s avatar

    I have an Irish Setter and a yellow Lab. They are our 4 legged babies! My boys have so many toys that we haven’t shopped for them in ages.

  37. phetched’s avatar

    Thanks, everyone, for entering our giveaway contest!

    The contest is now closed to new entries. (You snuck in there just in the nick of time, Daniella!)

    We’ll draw our winner first thing in the morning, so be sure to check back tomorrow for the giveaway results.

    Thanks again for entering, and thanks for visiting phetched!

  38. Debb’s avatar

    I hope I am not too late… this is adorable… thanks

  39. melissa’s avatar

    I have a 7 year old percosioius pug who is ALWAYS in trouble and a 3 year old dachshund who probably does bad things, but he just lets the pug take the blame for it all. Let see the last item non food we probably got for the pups were chew toys, they loved the stuffed ones, they like to chew a hole and pull out all the stuffing and leave it ALL over the house.

  40. Jen’s avatar

    I don’t have any dogs, but have wanted a dog my whole life!!!!!!

  41. Miriam’s avatar

    I have an 8 month old lab/pit rescue named Piggy :) I recently bought her a new rope pull toy, as her last one was getting ratty- yuck. Thanks for the chance to win!

  42. phetched’s avatar

    I love your dog’s name, Miriam — we call our Dottie “Little Piggy,” a reference to both her physique and her eating habits!

    Unfortunately, the giveaway contest is now closed, but be on the lookout for more giveaways and contests soon!

    Thanks for reading!

  43. KrisBelucci’s avatar

    Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

  44. Stephanie’s avatar

    I have a mutt that looks like a jack russel mixed with a german shepard! he is amazing! The last thing I bought him was greenie dental chews! He loves those things!

  45. Stella’s avatar

    Hi, I own Schumi and Bella, 2 springer spaniels, and the last thing i bought was a harness for Bella, and a Harley Collar for Schumi.
    They are just too spoiled!! bol

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