June 24, 2009Will work for treats?

This Friday, June 26th, is Take Your Dog to Work Day. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the event (created by Pet Sitters International), which celebrates “the great companions dogs make and to encourage their adoption from humane societies, animal shelters, and breed rescue clubs” (from the TYDTWD web site). True enough, employers across the country are finding out that dogs in the workplace can create better employee morale, boost productivity, and even make for healthier employees (or, at least, fewer sick days taken).

We’re lucky in that my husband’s workplace, a graphic-design firm, is dog-friendly year-round, so both Mingus and Dottie get to accompany him to work on a regular basis.


So what do dogs do at work? Here’s a rundown of a recent, fairly typical day for Dottie at the office:

If you plan on taking your dog to work on Friday in celebration of TYDTWD, be sure to clear it with your boss first, of course, but also be sure your pup would be happy and comfortable in your office environment. Be sure to bring a bowl for your pooch’s water (and any other food or supplies he’ll need).

Be sure to have his Social Security number on hand, too, so you can help him fill out his W-4s.

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  1. Dylan’s avatar

    They’re my favorite co-workers. No offense, Steve.

  2. Rebecca’s avatar

    robby and steve are so lucky getting to take their dogs to work EVERY day…. i personally like the 11:35 activity. that is totally Boone’s (aka “trash digger”) style.

  3. Steve’s avatar

    @ Dylan, none taken.

  4. Ann’s avatar

    No pork chop sandwich?! Man, talk about animal cruelty. For shame, Stevie, for shame…

  5. Kristy’s avatar

    It’s amazing how much better work is when dogs are around. It’s free therapy.

  6. Douglas’s avatar

    Maybe Stevie should take his friends’ dog to work on Friday. Banj would love it!

  7. phetched’s avatar

    Kristy – Free therapy? I need some of that… ’cause when the dogs are at home, they drive me CRAZY.

  8. Steve’s avatar

    Douglas, that would be freakin’ hilarious!

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