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You might have caught Foreign Policy’s awesome photo essay on military dogs last week. It’s edited by Rebecca Frankel, FP’s “chief canine correspondent,” and provides a fascinating look into the training and lives of dogs on the front lines.

See the whole essay here.

Tail wags to Rebecca for the tip.

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Photographer Laura Olsen lives in Charleston, SC, with her beau Brian and their beagle-y pack, Peanut and Calliope. Olsen was drawn to pet photography after the passing of Jasmine, her pet for 15 years. She says, “My mission is to capture the spirit of the dogs we love so they can be with us always.” As I’ve watched my 6 years with Mingus positively fly by, I can certainly appreciate that bittersweet sentiment.

You can see more of Laura’s work on her site and blog.


I was kickin’ it on Flickr last night, checking out dogs shot with toy cameras. Here are some of my favorites.

jj look


Dog Mom of Five



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Let’s hear it for the Midwest, y’all! Danielle Neil is an awesome pet photographer from central Ohio, and her site and blog are full of gorgeous pups in gorgeous settings. Danielle also puts her talents to work for her community, including taking photos for local shelters and charitable events and serving as a member of HeARTs Speak.

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Seattle-area photographer Julie Clegg’s company is named Bailey & Banjo, after her two yellow labs. Clegg’s slogan is “Photography for cool pets and happy people,” and I’m struck by how fitting those words are. Take a stroll through her galleries (both lifestyle and studio) and you’ll find photos of just that — dogs being dogs, and people happy to be around them.

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Fred Conrad, a 34-year veteran photographer for the New York Times, photographed 102 champion Best of Breed dogs at this week’s Westminster dog show. I spent a good hunk of time scrolling through his slideshow. I’m forever amazed by all the sizes, shapes, colors, and faces we call “dog.”

(Check out the hilarious behind-the-scenes video on the NY Times Lens blog, too.)

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I was real late feeding the pups last night ’cause I got all caught up looking at Li Ward’s blog.

Li, the creative force behind Fat Orange Cat Studio, is a pet and wedding photographer in “Boston and beyond.” Go check out her site and blog – SO much good stuff. (I warn you, though, there are French bulldog puppies, and THEY WILL SUCK YOU IN.)

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Sarah Ause lives in Utah and works with Best Friends Animal Society. She’s also a right fine phodographer.

Sarah’s photography hits on an essential dichotomy of what makes dogs, dogs: she captures them both as beasts, at home and carefree in the natural world, as well as involved in very real and very personal relationships with human beings. It’s cool.

You can see more of Sarah’s work on her site and her blog.


You may be familiar already with the photography of Claire Bow, a/k/a Rouxby Photography (if not, you need to go check out her site, like yesterday). Claire and her friend Sam(antha) have recently embarked on three-month-long road trip, hitting up Canada, the West Coast, and wherever else the open road leads them. They’ve also taken along their dogs, Roux (Claire’s Rhodesian Ridgeback) and Grady (Sam’s Border collie).

Along the way, they’re blogging, tweeting, and, of course, taking pictures.

Check on more photos and follow the adventure on Four Crazy Bitches’ blog and flickr.

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I killed some serious time looking through photographer Anita Peeples’ web site, flickr, and blog. Seriously. I dare you to spend less than 30 minutes there. To say that Peeples (from Ontario, Canada) has a gift of capturing dogs in their element is like saying Mingus and Dottie shed a little. She’s got the knack.

I think one of the things I like best about Peeples’ photography is her use of perspective – capturing pups from different heights, distances, and angles. Looking through her work, it seems like quite often she’s probably rolling around on the floor or ground in order to get a shot – proving that maybe the best way to get good shots of dogs is to maybe act a little like a dog yourself?

You can check out more of Peeples’ photos on her web site, Hotdog Photography.


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