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I typically hate it when stores start hyping holidays way too early — except in the case of Easter. Easter candy is way too good, and we definitely need that full two months’ worth of it.

Finally, though, this Sunday is Easter. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, you can certainly enjoy the beauty of Snoopy dancing with bunnies.

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I found this infographic (by Lab 42, on Mashable) over on Barkzilla. It compiles the results of a survey conducted via social networking sites. It’s kinda interesting. (And the colors match well with my site, don’t you think?)

So, you eyeballs out there — do you think this is an accurate sizing-up of us, collectively, as dog owners?

(And believe it or not, for the record, my dogs don’t have Facebook pages.)

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Did you watch the Westminster dog show last night? I was able to finish up work in time to catch the tail end of it (HAHAHAHAHA, pun intended) and see the Scottish Deerhound, Hickory, mosey her way to a much-deserved victory. Awesome!

Did you catch any of the Subaru ads during the broadcast? I’ve just seen these airing recently. Crackin’ me up.

There are more – check them out on YouTube.

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Let me tell you this: phetched has standards. phetched has substance. phetched does not endorse any type of flagrant exploitation. No siree.

What’s that? Hot guys and baby animals? Oh HELLS yes.

The 2011 Hot Guys and Baby Animals calendar features awesome photography of, you guessed it, hot guys and baby animals. Partial proceeds go to benefit the San Franscisco SPCA and other animal rescue organizations.

So it’s for a good cause, which makes it totally OK.

You can fetch the calendar as well as prints and e-cards here.

Go ahead. You know you want to look.

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Did you say you needed a laugh this fine Wednesday? Well, here you go.

I mean, assuming you don’t feel like a horrible person for laughing at poor Booba’s misfortune.

Tail wags to Rebecca for the find!

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Y’ALL. I spent this weekend painting a table and chairs, ordering new countertops and kitchen appliances, shopping for records, and hanging out at PBR for Pups. So I’m sufficiently wiped, and today’s post is quick and easy — but funny. Everyone needs a little funny on a Monday.

In this clip from last Thursday’s show, Daily Show correspondent Olivia Munn explores the potentially scary implications of Missouri’s Proposition B (which passed – yayyyy!!), eventually seeking help and guidance from the one and only Cesar Millan.

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Up this week – the winner of our SDFGBG will be announced tomorrow, Mingus and Dottie try their hand paws at a Nina Ottosson brain game, and we meet another of our Best Phriends. Stay tuned!

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I will not make tasteless jokes about this product.

I will not make tasteless jokes about this product.

I will not make tasteless jokes about this product.

The Sharp-End Pup is available from Amazon. It barks when you insert your pencil. I’m just saying.

(found via Daily Kibble)

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I just saw this yesterday, which means everyone else in the world probably saw it a month or so ago.

Whatevs. It gave me hearty belly laughs, so I’ll pass along the funny.

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There’s nothing quite like returning home and having a smiley face and a waggy tail to greet you, is there? (Personally, I’m always looking around too to find out what Dottie’s destroyed in my absence, but the wagging tails usually help soften the blow of whatever casualty I discover.)

David and Kendrick Brinson
posted this video of their dog’s reaction to their arrival home. It makes me feel all warm and squishy inside.

Thanks to Rebecca for the find!


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