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I typically hate it when stores start hyping holidays way too early — except in the case of Easter. Easter candy is way too good, and we definitely need that full two months’ worth of it.

Finally, though, this Sunday is Easter. Even if you don’t celebrate Easter, you can certainly enjoy the beauty of Snoopy dancing with bunnies.

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Our pals over at Bocce’s Bakery are baking up some special treats for Valentine’s Day. Hugs & Kisses are made from fresh, antibiotic-free beef, organic apples, organic carrots, tasty oats, and local NY honey.

Your furry Valentine deserves some, right? ‘Cause you don’t do enough for them all year ’round, right?

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We’re off to enjoy Christmas with family and friends! We hope everyone has an extra-special and extra-merry Christmas. Or, if you don’t celebrate Christmas, we hope you have a great Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. See you Monday!

Photo credit: flickr, life in my zoo


I’m telling you, the next person who reminds me how many shopping days remain until Christmas gets my knuckles in their teeth.

Obviously I’m rolling in Christmas spirit.

Once I actually find some gifts, I’d love to wrap them in this pretty puppy paper.

Vintage Dog & Bones reversible gift wrap and Chilly Dogs recycled wrapping paper are available from The Container Store.

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Know what today is? Yes, it’s Election Day — as I’m going to sternly assume you know — but it’s also All Souls’ Day and, in Mexico, El Día de los Muertos, a celebration of departed loved ones. (Maybe after the day is over we’ll be talking about those soon to be “departed” from Washington?)

I’m crazy about Jose Pulido‘s Day of the Dead-inspired illustrations like the one above, and Pulido’s shop features lots of cool doggie-inspired art.

Check out Pulido’s stuff — and then go vote! But first check out the links.

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Just a few fun things to get your little ghouls all ready for Howloween:

1/ West Paw Designs eco-friendly plush toys, at Puplife

2/ Squeaky candy corn plush toys, at FiveStarFido

3/ ACME rocket dog costume, at FunnyFur

4/ Grriggles jumbo Ghoulie Grunters, at BaxterBoo

5/ Handmade black cat dog collar from SillyBuddy

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June 11th. A red-letter day on my calendar for months. The World Cup starts today! I’m totally stoked for a month of suspense, cheers, fist pumps, and multilingual cursing.

La Coupe du Monde. El Copa Mundial. Il Campionato Mondiale. Die Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft.

I know, I know… if we could all just agree to call it futbol we’d be making progress.

Here’s a little roundup of some doggie soccer futbol stuff to get you geared up.

Left to right, by row:

> Orbee-Tuff soccer ball, Barker & Meowsky

> Dog soccer jacket, Five Star Fido

> Adjustable ribbon “Goal” collar, Coley’s Collars

> “Beakham” squeaky chicken, Five Star Fido

> Red Dingo Rush soccer leash, PawsCorp

> Aria soccer collar charm, Baxter Boo

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Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

We remember with thanks all those who have served our country – male, female, and canine.

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So y’all know I like dogs and all. Given. But I’m interested in other stuff, too. I love thrift stores, and I love vintage stuff, and I love photography. I’m a big fan of handmade jewelry, and I also have a pretty nifty little magnet collection going on our fridge.

So get this: new Etsy shop Nearly Midnight features photography of vintage dog toys on stationery, postcards, magnets, and necklaces. I think this is all incredibly cool.


Nearly Midnight shop owner Jessica just founded her Etsy shop in January, and she’s adding cute new stuff daily. Check it out!

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Best wishes for peace, love, and joy this Christmas from the (mostly naughty) phetched.com crew.


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