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Through a Dog’s Eyes is a documentary premiering on PBS next Wednesday, April 21st. Based on the book by the same title by Jennifer Arnold, it follows several individuals being matched with and receiving their very first service dogs.

You can read more about the documentary here, and watch an extended preview below (which contains ridiculously cute footage of puppies running! In a field! Lots of puppies! Running! SQUEEEEE!)

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Saints. Colts. Manning. Brees. There’s electricity in the air.

It’s Puppy Bowl time.


Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl returns this year with a ridiculously cute lineup of shelter pups, guaranteed to prove once again that despite all the money spent on impressive Super Bowl ads, all you really need to make people happy is a room full of puppies.

Check out this year’s starting lineup:

(The YouTube embed is acting a bit squirrelly, but if you follow the link it should work.)

Puppy Bowl VI airs on Animal Planet tomorrow from 3-5 p.m. (e/p). Find more videos (including highlights and behind-the-scenes footage) at Animal Planet’s web site.

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I have been waiting for this day FORR-EVVV-URRR. Tonight I’m going with my husband and some friends to see U2 in concert. WIKKID!

I’m thankful for DVR, though, since tonight is also the premiere of Animal Planet’s new show SuperFetch, starring pet trainer Zak George.

“SuperFetch” promises to be different from all those other “dog training” shows: George, with his trusty border collie Venus at his side, claims he can teach anyone how to teach any pet how to do any trick. And he means any trick: making the bed, taking out the trash, riding a tandem bike… even putting down the toilet seat. Says George, “My goal in SUPERFETCH is not only to entertain but to help pet parents on the show and watching at home learn more about their relationship with their furry family members while picking up some useful training tips along the way.”

Focusing on communication and the bond between pets and their owners, “SuperFetch” aims to demonstrate how positive, reward-based training methods can turn any dog into a Super dog.

(Umm, can he train my two to vacuum up all this dog hair?)

“SuperFetch” premieres on Animal Planet tonight at 8:00 ET.

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