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So, it’s the holiday season and all. I haven’t bought a single gift. I will not panic. I WILL NOT PANIC.

Anyone want to know what to get meeeee? I love these clever doggie-inspired tees from peticotees, members of Etsy for Animals.

Tail wags to Sarah for the find!

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Phew! Am I glad it’s phinally Phriday. This week has left me phrazzled.

Phind phun paper goods, tees, totes and more from Gemma Correll and others at All-Mighty Shop.

(Clearly I need a weekend.)

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Just what is it about Anthropologie? That store – nay, even the catalog – holds such power over women.

Unfortunately, Mastercard holds a lot of power over me, too, so I don’t get to shop there too often.

This is totally affordable, though – the $29.95 Good Dog Tee, with each of six designs featuring an Anthropologie staffer’s beloved pup.


Fetch it at anthropologie.com.

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