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We’ve all seen the footage and heard the stories of the thousands of animals that were abandoned, rescued, and adopted in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Perhaps you, yourself, are the adoptive parent of a Katrina Dog. The 2009 documentary Mine tells the first-hand story of the guardians, rescuers, and adopters of Katrina pets. It promises a new perspective on the Katrina pet crisis, and promises to have me in tears before the opening credits finish rolling.

You can learn more about the movie here.

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The photo essay “Abused No More: Rehabilitated Attack Dogs” by David Harry Stewart for Time brought me to tears. Its subjects are rescued and rehabilitated fighting dogs that have gotten a second chance at life and happiness.

Read their stories and see the photos here.



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This pretty girl is named Hope.

Hope’s been through the wringer the past few days.


Scott MacLeod, a musician from here in North Carolina, found Hope in the middle of the road near Lumberton, NC, last week. She was obviously a stray, and obviously had been hit by a car. Both the pup’s back legs were broken, and the vet who made the diagnosis advised Scott he should have the puppy put to sleep.

Scott decided that answer wasn’t going to work for him — or for Broken Puppy (as she was soon to be called, before receiving her very apropos new name).

Scott and his wife Rebecca took Hope in and found a great orthopaedic surgeon in Cary, NC, to help fix Hope’s legs. Hope’s surgery on Monday was successful, and if all goes well, she’ll get to return to Scott and Rebecca’s today, where they will care for her through the long and arduous rehab she has before her.

Please visit Scott’s blog to see more pictures of Hope, read about her surgery and recovery, and to see what can be accomplished with a little hope and a lot of love.

(If you want to donate toward Hope’s medical care, you can do that on the blog, too.)

UPDATE (11:25 p.m.): Hope came home from the hospital today, and she has mobility in all four legs! Just over $4000 has been raised toward Hope’s medical care, and Scott believes that will cover the vet bills! (Any monies left over will be donated 100% to United Animal Nations.)

Amazing… in just over a week, a broken-down little puppy’s life has been saved, and she’s on her way to running and playing once more.

UPDATE 11/4/09… Hope has found her forever home.

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A friend of mine shared this video with me. I wish it could be seen by everyone who’s ever uttered the phrase, “Aw, it’s just a dog.”

It’s a little longish, but I guarantee it’s worth your while. If this doesn’t choke you up at all, just a little teeny bit, leave a comment and let us know what it’s like to be made of stone. I personally start to lose it around 6:13.

Sadly, Skidboot passed on in March of 2007.

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