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True story: One night Dottie totally pooped her bed. Even truer story: It actually happened twice.

Seriously, though, dogs are dirty. Luckily our pals at Molly Mutt have developed a new line of products to help us control the dirt and stank. Molly Mutt Clean, which launched yesterday, features Wash (a fresh-smelling dog shampoo), Soft (a soothing and detangling conditioner), and Fresh (an odor-fighting dog-bed freshener).

Molly Mutt Clean products get their power from essential oils and natural enzymes rather than nasty chemicals and synthetic perfumes. (In fact, Wash and Soft are the only dog shampoo and conditioner that meet the standards of “natural” set by the Natural Products Association.) Plus, they’re made in the USA and come in recyclable bottles. Just further proof that when it comes to dog products, Molly Mutt knows what’s up.

Fetch Molly Mutt Clean at mollymutt.com.

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The folks over at Nootie have a simple slogan: “Why not?” Why, they ask, do we bathe our dogs with fancy shampoos and grooming products only to have them smell like, well, dogs?

To answer this question, Nootie offers a line of shampoos and spritzers for pups featuring fragrances we actually use ourselves — like Japanese cherry blossom and cucumber melon. (Mingus, by the way, is totally an Old Spice guy. Or might he *gasp!* be one of those dudes who bathe themselves in Drakkar Noir? *shudder*)

Nootie’s grooming products are soap- and cruelty-free, and their bottles are somethin’ special, too — and not just ’cause of those wicked cute little doggie drawings on them. The top of the bottle dispenses shampoo, while a smaller bottle of spritz (in the same scent) fits neatly into the bottom — for when your pup needs just a little freshening up or has a hot date at the dog park.

Check out Nootie’s shampoos and spritzers here, and find them at a store near you.

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We got a ton of snow last week here in Asheville (in an event that was fondly dubbed on Twitter #avlsnOMG), and Mingus and Dottie were, natch, in heaven. You know what happens to dogs that spend a lot of time roughhousing out in the snow, though? They stink. Giving these beasts a full-on bath during #avlsnOMG wasn’t very feasible, though, as it would be all of, what, like 10 minutes before they’d be right back out in the snow again.

Enter dry dog shampoo. I need this stuff.

You don’t use water. So it’s not a B-A-T-H. You just sprinkle it on and rub it in, and it absorbs grease and dirt and leaves your pup smelling yummy. Brilliant.

Creature Comfort, an Etsy shop based in Milwaukee (where they know all about snow-smelly dogs, I’m sure), offers handmade dry dog shampoo in two yummy formulas, Miss Dandy (lavender vanilla) and Mr. Puppernickel (citrus clove).



I like these ’cause the ingredient lists are comprised of all natural stuff: cloves, orange peels, lavender, vanilla bean, oatmeal, corn meal. Sounds like a breakfast muffin.

Fetch Miss Dandy and Mr. Puppernickel here (free shipping throughout the month of December, and 10% to Etsy for Animals!).

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