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Today’s Best Phriend is an adorable young pug named Dr. Rufus. Dr. Rufus is not, in fact, male – and her “most embarrassing moment” makes me laugh out loud.

Name: Dr. Rufus
Age: 14 months
Owners’ names: Ryan and Bethany
Home: Ohio
Breed: Pug

Nicknames: Doc, Rufie, Joby, Joberson, Goodness, Goodie Pup, Dr.Dog, Rufisimo, Rufasa, Rufador, Pugglestein, Pug-baby, Fur-baby, pug dog, pug-pop, shadow, snow-bunny, snow-pup, snow-pug, pigsnort, Sir Snorts A Lot, etc….there are probably hundreds

Arrival story: We researched several breeders and found a great breeder. We went to see the puppies a couple times and picked the one that we thought had the best energy and personality. On the way home she was nervous and pooped everywhere so first order of business she got a bath immediately. She then slept the rest of the afternoon on my lap and has been attached ever since. When it came time to name her hubby said she looked like an old man….and she looked too important for a regular name and needed a title, and that is how she was named Dr. Rufus.

Favorite food: the mail and garbage….if anything is left out I will find her munching on it
Special talents or skills: Every time I cook, she closes all the cabinets and drawers for me, and even the fridge!
Best trick: She gives Michael Jordan high-fives.
Biggest fear: being left out…she is super nosy and she needs to always know what is going on and be in the middle of it
Special honors or achievements: She is an AKC star puppy and a certified therapy dog
Most annoying habit: Every time she drinks water, she comes to lick my toes.
Best friend: Gatsby, her Aunt Boston Terrier
Arch nemesis: The blue car across the street

Upon graduation from training school, Dr. Rufus is named: Best Looking, or Most Likely to Model

What’s Dr. Rufus’ most embarrassing moment – or the most embarrassed YOU’VE been thanks to her? She pooped in the middle of puppy preschool, and in her poo was my ear plug that I had been looking for.

If Rufus wrote her biography, what would it be titled? Rufus, The Guide to Divine Napping

If Dr. Rufus were on “Survivor,” why would she be voted off the island? She is far too lazy and not that coordinated.

If Dr. Rufus were a superhero, what would her special power be? Her cute face would turn villains to good.

If your pup had a job, what would it be? I suppose she would be a doctor – it is in her title….not sure what type….maybe a psychologist?

Dr. Rufus is such a great dog, hardly ever causes trouble, and her face is to die for! This poor girl has to put up with me and hubby squishing her morning noon and night, although she seems to enjoy it. She literally follows us around all day!

We’re not currently accepting applications for more Best Phriends – but check back in future installments to find out how your pup(s) can be featured.

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Heyo, pups! I’m proud to present the first pup in our Best Phriends series, Duke the pug!

Name: Duke, 3 years old
Hometown: Seattle
Owned by: Rob and Aileen
Breed(s): pug
Arrival story: Impulse buy at a pet store. Word to the wise, do NOT buy a dog on a whim, let alone a PUG puppy!

Favorite food: anything edible (and some non-edible items as well)
Special talents or skills: skateboarding, singing, and hiking
Best trick: skateboarding
Favorite toy: a small rubber ring which he chews on like gum that we lovingly call his “precious”
Special honors or achievements: has hiked 3 mountains
Most annoying habit: screaming in the car when he’s locked in the kennel and not in my lap
Hobbies: sleeping, eating, farting
Best friend: Smudge, his pit bull brother
Most expensive item ever chewed: XBOX controllers and headsets…5 of them

In a movie about Duke’s life, what actor provides his voice? Whoever did Timon in The Lion King

If Duke were in high school, who would he sit with at lunch (jocks, nerds, freaks, preps, etc.)? He would be friends with everybody!

What’s Duke’s most embarrassing moment – or the most embarrassed YOU’VE been thanks to Duke? When he decided to raid my underwear drawer and drag out all of the undies - he left them on the stairs, living room, dining room…and I walked in with our neighbors.

If Duke were a superhero, what would his special power be? Extreme eating

Happy to meet you, Duke!

(If you’d like your pup to be part of our Best Phriends network, please send and email with your name and your pup’s name to bestphriends [at] gmail [dot] com)

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I saw this around the interwebs in a few places yesterday, including People Pets, and I thought we could probably all use a laugh, it being Friday and all.

Tell me, what in the world did we do with ourselves before the internet existed and we could pass ridiculous videos around the globe? Well, we read a lot more books and were all a good deal more productive, but that’s another topic for another day.

Today, however, I present: a pug singing the “Batman” theme.

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Phew! Am I glad it’s phinally Phriday. This week has left me phrazzled.

Phind phun paper goods, tees, totes and more from Gemma Correll and others at All-Mighty Shop.

(Clearly I need a weekend.)

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Note: For your computer’s safety, links have been disabled on this post for now due to a possible virus threat.

Just something fun/cool/rad for your Thursday: Dogs 101 from San Diego illustrator/designer Justin White, a/k/a Jublin.

Visit Jublin’s site for bigger images/more pups.

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A friend of mine recently adopted a sweet little pug named Charlie, so I’m kinda kookoo for all things pug right now.

Pugs and skulls? TOTALLY sold.


Check out these keee-yute fleece-lined, hand-screenprinted scarf and hat sets from Etsy seller NurdBunny. Or just go squeal over the adorable pug models. Either way.


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