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We spent Christmas weekend in Virginia. There are some really crazy place names in Virginia. Occoquan, Quantico, Tuckahoe, Tappahannock, Tuckernuck. What?

The new Kong Tugger Knots kind of sound like a place in Virginia. “Where are you from?” “Tuggernotts, Virginia.”

Tugger Knots are a new tug, chew, and plush toy all in one. Inside stuffing-free, double-ply plush, the ropes are knotted together for greater chewing pleasure and a more “realistic feel” (like “realistic” road kill? Not sure.)

You can fetch Tugger Knots at Amazon and in pet stores all over.

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Breaking news!! Historic achievement!! Sweeping revolution!!! American health care reform? No. The virtuosos over at Kong have introduced a new toy-slash-training tool called the Wobbler.

In fact, the Wobbler is apparently new enough that I was unable to find a decent image of it online. What I did find, though, is this rockin’ demo video, which, aside from inspiring some raging air guitar, shows exactly how the Wobbler works.

It looks like the Wobbler isn’t widely available yet — I only found it one or two places online — but I’m sure it’ll be on shelves everywhere real soon.

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