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Concerned that your dog’s play isn’t eco-conscious enough? Of course you are. Well, never fear! Hemp and bamboo toys are here!

The Eco-Fetcher and Eco-Tugger are made from super-strong hemp, one of the most sustainable materials on earth. These tug-and-toss toys are machine-washable, natural anti-bacterial, and made in the USA by disabled adults. And when that plastic Chuck-It breaks, you can replace it with the ultra-durable Bamboo Chuck, featuring an ergonomic cork handle.

You can fetch these and other eco-friendly toys at Olive Green Dog.

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The Spiky Ball! It’s a chew toy, treat ball, teeth cleaner, and fetch toy all in one!

Now, if only it could feed and walk. And vacuum. And dust. And do my taxes.

Fetch the amazing Spiky Ball from Barker & Meowsky.

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Maybe it’s just a function of the kind of week I’ve had, but I FREAKING LOVE THESE TOYS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.

(They’re da bomb! They’re DY-NO-MIIIIITE!) (I’ll stop now.) (Besides, I just totally dated myself with that “Good Times” reference.)

You can fetch Tuffy grenade, bomb, and dynamite toss toys at Nip and Bones.

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For your Saturday, a little awesomeness.

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