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Camping season is in full swing, y’all. I can’t wait to get out in nature and do nature-y things. We haven’t been on a camping trip yet this spring — we’re still trying to psych Dottie up for it. (She doesn’t really “get” the whole camping thing. Mingus, on the other hand, would probably prefer we just live full time in the woods.) I love camping, and fun doggie camping products make it even better.

This Eco Food Sac from ABO Gear, Inc. looks like the perfect thing for a camping trip or a weekend at the beach. It’s made of all-natural, heavy-duty jute fiber (which is biodegradable and recyclable), and it even comes with a little bamboo scoop.

Check out ABO’s site for all kinds of fun outdoor and travel gear as well as strong, eco-friendly jute toys.

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I’m a total softie when it comes to my dogs, but we do have a few hard and fast rules. A biggie? Mingus and Dottie are not allowed to sleep with us in the bed. I spent a good portion of my youth being smothered and slobbered upon by our dear cocker spaniel at night, and many a sleepless night I vowed, “Never again.” Nevertheless, whenever we go camping, the dogs assume (Mingus especially) that the house rules no longer apply since, after all, we’re in a tent. So every night of every camping trip is spent furiously battling the dogs (especially Mingus) for a share of the air mattress.

Maybe if they had travel beds of their own, I could reclaim my sleeping bag? I like this travel bed from Canine Hardware. It’s made of durable ripstop nylon, is machine washable, and stuffs into its very own stuff sack.

Fetch it at REI.

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I saw this Squishy bowl (by Guyot Designs) the other day while helping my dad spend a gift card at REI. It’s completely flexible and can be squished, rolled, or folded and crammed into a pocket, backpack, purse, or fanny pack (which, I don’t care what anyone says, are NOT coming back in vogue). And to clean it or dry it, you can flip it entirely inside-out.

Guess the name “Squishy” is pretty darn accurate.


Fetch it at REI.com.

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My husband found these awesome little Coleman pet tags, and I’m about to order two. Not only are they perfect miniatures of the legendary Coleman lantern, they serve a cool safety function — the tag’s motion-activated LED lights up bright red whenever your pet moves, making Spot easy to, well, spot in the dark.


It’s even water-resistant, and doesn’t require use of those @#&$% mantles. (If you own a classic Coleman, you understand.)

Fetch it at CampingStation.com.

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Assuming something frightening doesn’t show up on the weather radar in the next few hours, we’re planning on packing up the pups this afternoon and heading out for our first camping trip of the season.

I’m looking into picking up the Planet Dog Weekender Travel Feedbag for future trips.


It holds 30 cups of kibble and is water-resistant to keep food dry and fresh.

Now here’s hoping WE stay dry tonight.

Fetch one at PlanetDog.com.

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One question: Is there room for a chaperone?

‘Cause my dogs would need a chaperone.

Other than that little issue, I love this:


The REI Adventure Dog Tent is 40 bucks at REI.com. Check out the specs, read customer reviews, and order it here.

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