March 16, 2011Top Performance Microfiber Grooming Towels

We’re lucky in that we don’t have to bathe our dogs all that often. Dottie’s grateful for that fact, too, because your girl seriously does not like getting bathed. She doesn’t pitch a fit or anything — she’s actually quite stoic, which honestly makes the whole process even worse. She just stands there in the tub all stiff and weird like she’s just going to melt into a little puddle of dog if we don’t stop the torture.

After the scrubbing and rinsing, though, is when stuff really gets strange. Dottie’s weirdo basset-hound skin literally soaks up and holds the water, and you can grab handfuls of skin and squeeze it out like a sponge. I need video or something. It’s so weird. We use towel after towel, wringing and squeezing, and still her skin is soaked through and through.

So, yeah, we need these super-absorbent microfiber towels.

These poly-blend towels absorb more water (and dry faster) than ordinary cotton towels. I’m not sure exactly how the math works out, but we’re currently using around 32 towels to dry Dottie after a bath, so these would have to be an improvement.

A pack of three microfiber grooming towels is $19.99 at Puplife.

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  1. Peaches’s avatar

    A 3-pack for 20 bucks is totally decent!

  2. kristy’s avatar

    Hahahahaa. I can picture that. Sorry, Dottie.

  3. Jackie’s avatar

    32 towels, id hate to do your laundry!

  4. April’s avatar

    Haha my dogs are exactly the same in the tub! Stiff legs and sad, sad eyes! The chihuhua mix dries fairly fast but my lab mix is wet for hours!

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