November 26, 2010Westie Bookends

So, have you started your holiday shopping yet? Of course you have. Because you’re organized. You’re always prepared (like a Girl Scout). You’re in control (like Janet, “Ms. Jackson” if you’re nasty).

Or you’re like me and you save it all for the last minute, just to make it more traumatic harrowing nightmarish exciting.

Got a Westie lover on your list? Here you go.

Bentley The Westie Bookends are available at Anthropologie. I spotted them over at Barkzilla.

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  1. Helen’s avatar

    I love these bookends! I, too, always leave it to the last minute. I start each year with the best of intentions for early and organized shopping and then life inevitably gets in the way.

  2. Julie Clegg’s avatar

    LOL! These are SO stinkin’ cute! Love them!

  3. Kim’s avatar

    No Westie lover on my list but those are sure cute! And I’m like you – last minute girl – yikes!

  4. Peaches’s avatar

    Yes! My cousin has two Westies! What a perfect gift — one on each end! Thank you, Phetched! You’ve saved my holiday dilemma. :)

  5. Samantha’s avatar

    Thanks for swinging by Barkzilla! Hope you are the pups are well! xo

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