November 10, 2010Super-Duper Fantabulous Grab-Bag Giveaway!

Take a look at this awesome haul! It could all be yours if you’re the winner of our Super-Duper Fantabulous Grab-Bag Giveaway!

Holiday season is rapidly approaching. So what to get for pups and pup lovers? Our Super-Duper Fantabulous Grab-Bag Giveaway is chock full of great gift items you can either keep for yourself (what I want to do) or give away to pup friends. Learn more about these Super-Duper Fantabulous items below, and find out how to enter the giveaway at the end of this post!

Sort of clockwise, from left:

> Leash and martingale collar set from Sirius Republic - This beautiful handmade nylon and fabric leash and collar set (in a cool gender-neutral mushroom pattern) will be the envy of every pup at the park. Sirius Republic has such pride in their products that they offer a New Collars for Life guarantee!

> Carnivore Crunch chicken treats from Stella & Chewy’s - These tasty treats are made with all-natural, farm-raised chicken and contain no grain, no added antibiotics, no artificial preservatives, and no sugar, salt, or colorings. They’re even certified pathogen-safe.

> Signed copy of Doggie Knits: Sweaters & Accessories for Your Best Friend by Corinne Niessner - I want to keep this one for reals, y’all. This book is filled with adorable photos and easy-to-follow instructions for knitting handmade lovelies for your pup. It would make an excellent gift for a knitting friend – or help you make awesome gifts for all the pups on your list.

> Pampered Pooch Shampoo, Coco Kiss Conditioner, and Doggone Goodness Shampoo Bar from Lu & CocoThis new line of organic pet grooming products contains essential oils and natural ingredients sourced from plants to renew, refresh, and rejuvenate your dog’s coat. Free of harsh chemicals, Lu & Coco products moisturize and soothe the coat, and the Shampoo Bars help repel fleas and pests.

> Pukka: The Pup After Merle by Ted Kerasote (author of Merle’s Door) - It’s a book filled with beautiful and squeal-inducing photographs of a yellow lab puppy – what’s not to love? Pukka tells the story of the author’s bonding with his new puppy, “illustrating the many ways that any dog can open the door to our hearts.”

> Tasty treats from Bocce’s Bakery - Bocce’s Bakery all-natural, organic dog biscuits are handmade in New York City from human-grade ingredients. Included in the giveaway is a bag of The Elvis (peanut butter and banana) and Beef Bourguinon (just like Julia Child made!). Check out Bocce’s site and tell me these don’t look scrumptious. Mingus and Dottie can attest that they’re deeee-licious.

> TropiClean Fresh Breath Instant Fresh Foam - Mingus probably needs to keep this, but we’re going to give it away anyway. This fresh mint foam is made from ingredients like aloe, green tea extract, and mint – so it’s safe and effective against bad breath and germs. It comes in a pump for easy squirtage into your pup’s foul mouth.

> Calm Me Down collar from Calming Collars - Calming collars are handmade, filled with a blend of herbs that help pups relax when stressed and anxious, like during thunderstorms, fireworks, or trips to the groomer or vet. This thing? Smells GOOD. Calming Collars also makes anti-motion sickness and cooling collars – check them out on their site.

> Adorbs tee and bandanna set from Hug Me Up! – You might remember Hug Me Up! from a previous feature here on phetched. This preshy tee and bandanna set will help your pup spread the love – and hugs – all over town.

> Handmade penguin squeaky plush toy from Smiling Frog Pets - This little guy is SO. CUTE. This penguin is handmade by Smiling Frog Pets, purveyors of adorable handmade dog and kitty toys. Made from felt and filled with polyfil, this plushie penguin has no dangerous eyes or other parts to pull off.

> Buckarooz! Antler chew from Free Range Eco Naturals - This quality chew contains one ingredient: all-natural deer antler. Antler treats are long-lasting, great for cleaning teeth, and a cruelty-free, renewable resource! Free Range Eco Naturals is an incredibly green company – packaging is recyclable and compostable, and the company is 100% tree free. Your pup, of course, doesn’t care about all that – but he’ll definitely enjoy gnawin’ on his Buckarooz antler.

This entire Super-Duper Fantabulous Grab-Bag Giveaway, filled with wicked sweet holiday gift ideas, has a total value of – wait for it – $200! Boom! Enter now!

There are two ways to enter this giveaway (you can do either one, or both):

1 – Leave a comment on this post! Be sure to include your correct email address in the comment form. (Email will not be displayed.)

2 – Tweet about this giveaway to your Twitter followers. Your tweet should include @phetched and a link to this post. (Note: Please don’t put “@phetched” first in your tweet, or it will only go to me! Begin your tweet with something other than “@phetched” for it to go to all your followers.)

You may enter up to two times as described above. Deadline is 10:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m. (Eastern time) on Monday, November 15th. Good luck!

Prizes can be shipped to U.S. and Canada shipping addresses only. Thanks!

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  1. Lynn Nguyen’s avatar

    Sophie pup would love this!!!

  2. Joanna Kimball’s avatar

    Wow, what a fabulous haul!

  3. Jennifer L’s avatar

    Love the items that you guys picked!

  4. Sharon Goss’s avatar

    Wow what a nice Haul…my guys would love it!!!

  5. Suzanne Smetana’s avatar

    My two little boys would love this!!

  6. Brandi’s avatar

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway!!!! Jacey, Belle, & Bailey would love it!

  7. Cathie’s avatar

    Count me in – this looks awesome!

  8. Lori @ According to Gus’s avatar

    Wow! What an awesome giveaway! Gus has his paws crossed he wins this one!

  9. weezie777’s avatar

    My schnauzer would love all this stuff! And that *does* look like Weezy the penguin ;)

  10. Cat K.’s avatar

    I love all these things! And it being our first Christmas both married and with our pup, he is going to get SO spoiled. This would certainly do the trick.

  11. Erin’s avatar

    Wow!! What a awesome haul!!!! MY three dogs would love to get their hands on that!!!

  12. Kimberly’s avatar

    WOW!! Cross would love to have this show up at his door step.. He would shread that box open.

  13. Alicia’s avatar

    oooh!!!! Pick me pick me!!!! I may just want to buy it anyways LOL

  14. L^2’s avatar

    Wow, this is pawsome! My chocolate boy, Jack, would LOVE this stuff!

  15. Kaela’s avatar

    Tug and Ruby would be ever so grateful!!

  16. wendy’s avatar

    Very cool! There are lots of products in there I’m not familiar with that look great! Through this blog, you introduce me to so many fun new products out there – so thank you!

  17. Kat’s avatar

    Um, how could I not enter. This is awesome. Its like dressing my dogs and canceling out my gift shopping list at once. I have stayed strong so far- no shopping so NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC yet. Lets see how long that will last, but I can only hope. But then, maybe there is no shopping this year at all. Cause I looovvvveee this stuff and my newest beast (Trixie aka the destructress) is super selfish! (me in dog form? What? No!- right?). Okay, have a SDFGB Day! I mean it. Everyone needs a grab bag day. Every day. Awesome contest.

  18. Dianne’s avatar

    Fantastic give-away! My pups would be thrilled! Ok, I would be thrilled, but they would enjoy a lot of it! Except for the books–haven’t taught them to read yet.

  19. Courtney’s avatar

    Yay!!! I love my little boxer girl would love all those special treats…

  20. Paul’s avatar

    Wow, what a great giveaway. I have two calming collars and they work great.

  21. Joyce’s avatar

    Pick me, Pick me, Pick Me!!! It would make my day if chosen to win this awesome gift package. Christmas is just around the corner and this would be a great present for my faithful doggies!

  22. Rhonda’s avatar

    what a great prize! Hoping to win for my Cooper & Maggie! :)

  23. Trish’s avatar

    My pack would love this! I also have two good friends who are knitters who I could give the book to and see if they will knit something for my dogs! The calming collar would be great for my rescued Bulldog, Lumpy. He was horribly abused before I adopted him and has severs issues with thunderstorms, fireworks, and loud noises. He also has severe separation anxiety which has gotten bad again since we lost his sister, Essie Mae, to cancer in August. All of my pack could use the breath foam! LOL! Thank you for this contest!

  24. Kathy Steers’s avatar

    We love our calming collar and the other items would be a big hit in my house full of pets!

  25. Kathy Steers’s avatar

    We love the calming collar and the other goodies would be a big hit with my bunch.

  26. Linda Clise’s avatar

    We love the calming collar and our pups would love the other goodies!

  27. Vicki y’s avatar

    You’ve got an amazing giveaway today!!! Love the mushroom collar!

  28. Vicki y’s avatar

    Tweeted too!

  29. Wanda Fary’s avatar

    Fantastic product selection! Glad I found Phetched!

  30. Roxi’s avatar

    I NEED the shampoo (the other stuff too) but mom says i stink. pfftttt.

  31. Sarah’s avatar

    Lucy would be so pampered! What a great giveaway!

  32. ashley’s avatar

    This looks awesome!

  33. Valerie Vice’s avatar

    Wow! Whar awesome goodies! Any of my 8 would be so happy!

  34. julie kostina’s avatar

    my camo would love this stuff. awesome give away!

  35. gingela5’s avatar

    Oh such a great giveaway! My pups would love all of this stuff!

  36. Eleen Henderson’s avatar

    What an amazing Grab-bag giveaway! Some many wonderful gifts for pups. I have 2 precious Golden Retrievers and a beautiful little miniature Australian Shepherd….and they would love to see all this great stuff under the tree at Christmas. I am a big fan of Sirius Republic….and also Calming Collars.

  37. Julie’s avatar

    Wow! A veritable treasure of goodies!

  38. Caitlin LeBoeuf’s avatar

    Love this! Want it! Too cute.

  39. Lauren E’s avatar

    Great giveaway with awesome products! That Calming Collar is very interesting. I’d love to try it on a friend’s dog who get very nervous. My guy would love all the treats!

  40. Sarah’s avatar

    Thanks for another fun giveaway!

  41. Cindi P’s avatar

    New GH Flash could use a new collar or 2 – and Evie *needs* the Tropiclean foam – her breath has an EPA enviro hazard sticker on it! Thanks for being generous :)

  42. Wendy’s avatar

    Daisy is going to win, I can feel it. She wants those deer antlers. !!!

  43. Ashley McFarland’s avatar

    Amazing giveaway! Our dog and I hope we win!!

  44. Sandy’s avatar

    My little Pepper loves presents, and I know he’d love all of these! :)

  45. allison’s avatar

    such an amazing giveaway!

  46. Cindy’s avatar

    Nice! My dog LOOOOOOOOVES the carnivore crunch.

  47. karen’s avatar

    Wow — what a cornucopia of wonderful canine stuff! The Gang of Four would be simply over the moon if we were the lucky winners of all that gorgeous swag! (Plus I can’t wait to get to Ted Kerasotes’ new book, since I loved “Merle’s Door” so much.)

  48. Melinda’s avatar

    What a great giveaway, I didn’t know about this site before seeing the link on Facebook. Jeeves would love this!


  49. lolahound’s avatar

    What a fab prize ! I would love especially the dog knits book as I knit coats for my hounds ! And of course a lovely martingale perfect for a hound and those all natural treat and BOL !! Toys too ;-) and shampoo to smell sweet and a bandana for my collection , good luck all ! ;-)

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