August 5, 2010Nutrition + Love = Nulo

I ran across nulo on twitter yesterday, and as with anything with bright colors and good design, it caught my eye. Nulo (nutrition + love) is food for dogs and cats developed by self-professed “pet foodies” aimed at providing holistic, wholesome nutrition to your pets. Their animal-protein-rich foods contain no hormones, byproducts, or fillers, and they deliver their kibble, canned foods, and treats right to your door – which is awesome, because in addition to being attracted to bright colors and pretty packaging, I’m also super lazy and scatterbrained.

Check out nulo’s goodness on their web site — and don’t get freaked when that cat and dog on the home page start moving (like maybe I did).

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  1. Dog Milk’s avatar

    ooooooooooooh pretty packaging. I’m a sucker for pretty packages, even though the food only gets dumped into my massive dog food container!

  2. phetched’s avatar

    We always keep our food in the packaging (and in another container) for freshness and in case we need to refer to the lot number/expiration date or something… but yeah, totally a sucker for pretty packaging. I will buy pretty much anything if you wrap a pretty package around it :D

  3. Peaches’s avatar

    Might have to try this. We are doing everything we can to get some ell bees off of Charlie. He has really porked up this summer since he can’t exercise in the heat. We’ll know next year when to start backing him off the buffet. Vet told us to use frozen green beans and cut back on the food, just like the Phetched webmaster suggested! Thanks!

  4. jen’s avatar

    cute packaging for sure! i love the interactive web features that explain what the ingredients are for. i just wish the fish one didn’t have chicken fat, otherwise we’d try it!

  5. Brett’s avatar

    Part of our focus at Nulo is to advocate for dogs and cats, and part of our advocacy is to educate consumers about the proper feeding of one’s dog or cat, and why it matters.

    Omega 6 fatty acids (Linoleic Acid) are essential fatty acids that cannot be synthesized by a dog thus must be supplied in their diet. Although it may not sound nutritious, Chicken Fat (think chicken soup, instead) is a high-quality source of Linoleic Acid, and is the highest animal source of Linoleic Acid.

    Why is this important? Dogs with a deficiency of Omega 6 will have a dry, scruffy coat – perhaps an oily texture on the coat – dry, unhealthy paw pads and nose. The inclusion of Chicken Fat in a dog’s diet will assist in maintenance of skin and coat and proper membrane structure. And, dogs love the taste!

    It’s also important to note that our recipes include the proper balance of Omega 6 to Omega 3 fatty acids (extremely important). Most premium dog foods include some Omega 6 fatty acids but not adequate Omega 3 fatty acids.

    To learn more about offering your dog or cat a proper diet, you’re welcome to visit us at, contact one of our Nulo experts at 888-400-NULO or write us at

  6. Trude’s avatar

    Whoever did their branding should be given a big fat bonus. It definitely made me stop and look! Might give it a try too, since I’m currently using Innova and am big on no fillers!

  7. Kalee’s avatar

    I agree that their packaging and promises sound amazing. Tried to order a case of cat food and it would not go into the cart (website glitch). I also used the live chat to get more info about my geriatric cat (15 year old diabetic) and the only advice/info they had was the usual song and dance about no filler, optimal protein, yada yada yada.

  8. phetched’s avatar

    Hmm… I hope the glitch gets worked out soon!

    I would think any dog-food company that offers advice or customer support has to toe the line in terms of offering anything that could be construed as veterinary/medical advice, which can make it frustrating if you have specific question’s they’re not able to answer.

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