June 2, 2010Snip, Snip, Done: U-Groom Guillotine Nail Clippers

My husband serves many valuable purposes around the house, not the least of which is willingly clipping the pups’ nails. It’s not that I’m incapable of the task — it’s just that I’m often consumed with such a fear of hurting them that I freeze up, Hamlet style, whenever the task presents itself. I also have a weird thing about clipping nails in general, those both human and canine — but that’s for another blog altogether, one where I talk about all my crazy, inexplicable hangups but make them seem completely acceptable and justified.

These ergnomically-designed guillotine nail clippers from U-Groom seem like they’d make the job easy enough, especially with a built-in safety guard to prevent over-cutting.

They’re sold out most everywhere online, but I think you can still fetch them from Value Pet Supplies.

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  1. Ashley’s avatar

    I was totally confident in my nail clipping abilities (my cat Harry spoiled me by being a complete doll when I clip his nails) until the day I was clipping Pru’s nails when she flinched and I nicked the quick (by the way, I found corn starch worked much better than styptic powder at stopping the blood). Maybe having some snazzy clippers like these wouldn’t make me so afraid.

  2. phetched’s avatar

    Even my husband, with all his clipping prowess, has nicked the quick before. OH, GOD, THE BLOOD. It was like a horror movie. Of course, watching the vet tech try to wrestle Ming down to clip his nails as he flailed about like a torture victim was far scarier…

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