May 19, 2010The Laughing Leash: Giveaway!

I just returned from an awesome vacation involving corned beef, Chris Rock, architecture, and Van Gogh, and while it’s pretty hard to top all that, I thought, Hey, how’s about we give away some stuff on ye olde blog?

This week’s giveaway is brought to you by the folks at Laughing My Tail Off, makers of the revolutionary Laughing Leash. The Laughing Leash, designed something like a long hair scrunchie, gently extends and retracts from 2 to 6 feet and back, effectively eliminating dragging, tangling, and potentially dangerous jerking. It’s made of soft fabric and sports a comfortable cushioned handle, and since the Laughing Leash only extends to 6 feet, it allows your pooch some leeway while still allowing you complete control of your dog (unlike the annoying unwieldy trainwreckish traditional flexi lead, which potentially puts every man, woman, child, and beast in a plus-or-minus-25-foot radius in danger).

Here’s Dottie somberly modeling the leash. The pups have been in “playcare” for the past few days, so she’s a little draggy. Tyra would not be impressed.

Simple in its appearance, the Laughing Leash’s design has already been lauded by dog behaviorists and trainers and was named the Best New Training Tool of 2010 by Animal Training Examiner.

The Laughing Leash comes in two sizes (for dogs under 70 pounds) and a variety of colors and patterns (even fuzzy styles!). And since the leash was originally inspired by a rescue dog named Bennett, Laughing My Tail Off donates a portion of all proceeds to animal shelters and rescues nationwide. That’s awesome.

And now! We’ll have three winners for this giveaway – 2 small/medium leashes (for dogs 20-70 pounds) and 1 extra small leash (for dogs up to 20 pounds).

To enter:

1. Comment on this post with the size of leash (XS or S/M) your dog would use. The XS leash being given away is the stars pattern, while the S/M leashes are red and camo. I’ll choose the winners’ patterns randomly, as it’s my blog and I get to make the rules.

2. In your comment, tell us your dog’s favorite place to walk.

The giveaway is open until Sunday, May 23 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. We’ll choose 2 S/M winners and 1 XS winner by random drawing and announce them Monday morning!

Only one entry per person, please, and U.S. and Canada shipping addresses only.

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  1. Noel Christoforo’s avatar

    1. S/M

    2. My dog’s favorite place to walk is everywhere! She’s my service dog, so she goes where I go.

  2. Caroline’s avatar

    1. xs

    2. The puggle’s favorite place to walk is into the dog park. He literally starts whining when we are within a mile!

  3. jen’s avatar


    my foster pibble’s favorite walk is the state park… after two hours he’s exhausted (which is a hard thing to achieve!)

  4. gingela5’s avatar

    1. S/M
    2. I’ll talk about the one under 70 pounds since the other is too fat for the leash :) Sadie likes to walk around the neighborhood. Maybe with this leash we could explore a little more!

  5. Anne Good’s avatar

    How fun! My dogs love walking anywhere really. Leroy feels the need to pee on everything in sight, while Stella thinks she’s personally responsible for barking at every bike she sees. Zoey just trots around like a pretty princess. I think they would like the s/m leash, should they win.

  6. Peaches’s avatar


    Charlie likes to walk at the skateboard park. He is obsessed with watching the kids on their skateboards, and he will walk around and around and around the gate surrounding the skate park while whining and begging for the kids to come talk to him through the fence. I think he dreams of flying through the air, too, but sadly, he must remain on the ground.

  7. Amber’s avatar

    1. S/M
    2. Cooper & Hurley both enjoy walking the trails around Devil’s Lake! Especially when the walk ends with a swim!

  8. Barbara’s avatar

    I like taking my foster dogs to Crabtree Lake for a nice walk. I feel refresh and they do too!

  9. Courtney Keys’s avatar

    1. uh, either? :) I think both would work for my dogs.

    2. My dogs love to go to a small nearby nature preserve called Twelve Hills. It’s the perfect workout – 10 min walk warmup, 15 min romping, 10 min cooldown walk back home!

  10. Ashley’s avatar

    1) S/M
    2) My dog, Chloe, loves to walk/run on the Mountains to Sea trail, where she can make new human/dog friends along the way. Our new 6-week old pup, Murphy, isn’t so sure where his favorite place to walk is, yet!

  11. Laura @ so alaurable’s avatar

    1) XS
    2) Trixie loves going on a walk anywhere. If it’s a walk, she’s in.

  12. Candice’s avatar

    Kiki, my hairless Chinese Crested, Medical Alert Service Dog loves any walk!! She gets very excited when I start getting her gear around to go out, shopping or where ever. When going casually walking with her brother, toy Poodle, Phurburt, they love walking to the bridge along the river walk because EVERYONE stops and gives them pets.

  13. Vicki Y’s avatar

    1) Small – yes.. the little porker is getting fatter and he walks more like a 40 pound dog. :D – we’re working on it.

    2) Morgan’s favorite place to walk? Anywhere and everywhere! (Mostly in our neighborhood, to doggie daycare, and the beach) That dog will follow me to the ends of the earth (gotta love that about dogs yeah?) He’ll even jog with me if I make him.

  14. Jean Phillips’s avatar

    1 – S/M

    2- Petey’s – favorite walk is at the park where he can go in the ponds and through the woods! Jack Russells must explore!

  15. Dawn’s avatar

    My foster dog Chelsea likes to walk wherever I walk! My other two, Jade and Meggie like to walk to the dog park to play or on the hiking trail in the woods – so many yummy smells!!!

  16. Cynthia Gilliland’s avatar

    My dogs like to walk every chance they get, but I think our favorite spot is the field right near our house in Vermont, on side of the Connecticut river. It is a large mowed field where kids play soccer and lacrosse on one end and lots of people walk, especially lots of dog people. We like to meet up with friends and the humans walk and talk while the dogs run and play and swim and sniff.

  17. Debbie G’s avatar


    I have 2 dogs, and they go many places with me. We walk around the neighborhood mostly for my own exercise. They both compete in agility, so we’re always at shows at different parks. Visiting with Grandma is really high on their list of fun things. This leash looks a little like one I got a few years back by Larz Equipment. I am always looking for something different and fun for the dogs.

  18. Emilee Fuss’s avatar

    Olivia weighs exactly 20 pounds, so I’m not sure what size she’d need. We’ll go with S/M.
    She likes to walk anywhere, down the street with her Buddy, or in town with lots of activity. She likes to go anywhere, as long as one of her people is by her side. :)

  19. Anita’s avatar


    My dog’s favourite place to walk is down to the farmers market. The reason is three fold:

    1) We have to walk past her friend Ben the Great Dane’s house, and Ben is often outside.

    2) The vendors all hand cookies out!

    3) Grandma has a booth at the market…and she loves her Grandma!

  20. maria’s avatar


    down to the lake or river :)

  21. Jeni’s avatar

    I would love to try the SM leash on my Lola. She’s a beagle with a strong rabbit hunting urge. She pulls like crazy to get to every squirrel, rabbit, bird, ect. on a walk. Her favorite place to walk (hunt) is the path around the pond near our house. Ducks!

  22. mindy m.’s avatar

    1. S/M
    2. Penny loves to walk out at the ball diamonds. Once a week we get there early for my husband’s softball games and we take a walk down by the river near by. She LOVES all of the good sniffs out there!

  23. Caroline’s avatar

    1. XS
    2. Luke likes to walk around the corner to the dog shop of course. He cries if I don’t take him in when we walk by. I can’t blame him!

  24. Chris Beasley’s avatar

    1. S/M

    2. Brutus our sheltie (hubby is OSU Buckeyes fan, had to give him naming rights to get the puppy, I know, I know… whoever heard of a sheltie named Brutus) loves to go with me to work and walk around our office park..

  25. Katie’s avatar

    1. S/M
    2. Hazel likes to walk on country roads where she can run free (off leash!).

  26. Lisa’s avatar

    Xs – my pups love to walk at Los Gatos park and think about chasing the Canada geese – although I think the geese would get the best of my dogs,…

  27. Angela’s avatar

    1. s/m

    Bolt loves to go walking on trails and our local tail system called the burke-gilman trail where he has access to water to play in. This leash would totally help me and my husband as he’s a pulled. Thank you for a chance to win!

  28. alexa’s avatar


    Topaz loves to walk pretty much anywhere….. As long as mom’s camera isn’t out! ;) I tell her I can’t help it- she’s soooo gorgeous! :) We have two places we walk pretty often though. 1. behind the horse barn through the field. (we live on 45 acres) 2. At the park down the street. Topaz like going there because she gets to meet other dogs. :)

  29. Aileen’s avatar


    Duke loves to walk on hikes, especially up Tiger Mountain.

  30. Martha’s avatar

    Penny loves to walk along the woods and nearby pastures up to the horse and cow barns around the corner from our house. As soon as I mention a walk and start to tie my sneakers…she starts to bounce and howl with excitement!

  31. Drake’s avatar

    I’ll let someone else win these since I already own a couple of these leashes. My dog loves these leads. She is a rather curious dog, and tends to zig zag all over the place when we walk, checking stuff out…this means she gets normal leashes tangled in her legs constantly, which she HATES.

    These leashes solve that problem almost totally, and without much tension pulling on her neck. I’m amazed no one came up with this idea sooner.

    Anyway, my dog loves to walk anywhere where there are birds around, preferably ducks, which are her favorite animal (after cats).

  32. Cal Bailey’s avatar


    My newest pack member, Dobby, a mostly Eskie rescue likes to lead the rest of us down the tow path at the C&O Canal near Georgetown. Our band of Eskies and other rescues usually causes quite a spectacle as well behaved ambassadors to our message of ADOPT, SPAY & NEUTER!

  33. Elissa’s avatar


    My little Yorkies favorite place to walk is in Central Park, they enjoy the quiet areas and also meeting other puppies!

  34. Kelli’s avatar


    My dogs love to walk anywhere, but especially like it when we walk past a nearby Assisted Living Retirement Center. We get to cruise through the lobby and gathering room and say hello to all their special friends. Many of the residents really miss the dogs that used to be part of their lives and love the chance to hold one of my dogs and pet them. It is always a good walk when we go there!

  35. Trude’s avatar

    What a great idea for a leash! Dante’s favorite place is around my neighborhood, since there are a ton of other dogs around for him to sniff after. I love it too because it’s an older neighborhood (for SoCal anyways, which means early 70s) that’s quiet and lovingly cared for. :) On a walk not too long ago:

    He’s an XS. :)

  36. Lauren’s avatar

    1) S/M

    2) My guy Tucker loves to walk everywhere! I’ve wanted a dog for as long as I knew people could have one (about 23 years now :-) ) We’ve been together about 5 months and I’ve been taking him everywhere. So far his favorite places to walk are to the dog park, on the bike trails by the house, and on a trail out east that leads to the beach. I’m always looking for new places to bring him so that he experiences as much as possible while he’s still young. I can’t wait for our first summer together!

  37. jacquie t.’s avatar

    1. S/M
    2. Karma loves the path that goes along horse shoe bend, which follows the flow of the might Colorado River. She especially loves it when the Bighorn sheep come down from the mountains to drink out of the river. And she even likes to jump into the river herself now – we worked on it all last summer and she went from being terrified of the water to pulling me down so she can get in up to her chest – maybe this year we can actually SWIM!

  38. Shelby’s avatar

    Wow, these are SO COOL!!! We would need a S/M. Sadie loves to walk down at an off-leash park with tons of trails to explore, wide open spaces to chase other pups, and a river to cool off in.

  39. Brandi’s avatar


    Our dogs love to walk at the beach to feel the sand between their paws.

  40. fokxxy’s avatar

    I would need the S one. My dog’s favorite place to walk (well, run really lol) is our local dog park which is off leash. For ON leash walks he loves to go down to the waterfront. We have a huge stretch of waterfront with a wonderful walkway that stretches all around the lake. He loves it there.

  41. Des’s avatar


    My dog loves to walk around our neighborhood! So many other dogs behind fences and great things to smell!

  42. Angelune’s avatar

    S/M my dog is 9 andloves playing at the park or fetching stick at the lake. However, she does not get along with other dogs AT ALL, so this leash would allow me to keep her on leash and still play with her without worrying that she will run after another dog, so brilliant!

  43. Scout the Dog’s avatar

    I love walking the wooded trails that are five minutes away from my house. So much to smell there!

    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  44. Sylvia’s avatar

    Oliver loves to walk into town with me because he loves people. Pretty much anywhere that offers him the opportunity for some extra attention!
    Great giveaway! The leash sounds fantastic!

  45. Karen Oelschlaeger’s avatar

    My dog, Rosie, would use the S/M size since she’s pushing the 70 lb mark. Her favorite place to walk is probably Haywood Road right here in West Asheville. We often walk from the West End Bakery to Waking Life Espresso, where I generally pick up a cup of coffee for myself. Gotta love those sidewalks on both sides of the street!

  46. Katie LaRue’s avatar

    Rockit is an XS and his favorite place to walk(run) is the boarding school campus where I work and live. Here is Rockit :)

  47. Deanna Corey’s avatar

    Size s/m

    I have 2 of these leashes and they are AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I have 5 dogs!! We walk everyday on our mountain!!! They all LOVE to romp through the Pines and scamper in and out of Big Bear lake when the weather permits. They love meeting other dogs at the lake and on the mountain trails. My guys are always up for trek anywhere where adventure can be sniffed out…but the mountains are the best!!

  48. Kate’s avatar

    CUTE! My lovely beatie, Flora, will walk anywhere in the neighborhood as long as she decides the route, and her frisbee can come. She’s a Golden Retriever, so she’d be a S/M.

  49. Rose in Ohio (@RoseMillsOhio)’s avatar

    Reuben (xs) loves to walk down the block past my son’s friend’s Matt’s house. Matt’s house has a big picture window in front and Reuben starts looking in the window for Matt (or anybody else in the family) as soon as we get close enough. He gets very excited when he sees anyone inside.(Come to think of it, I suppose we should change his name to Peeping Tom!)

    I always like your giveaways! Very cool leashes.

  50. Heather G.’s avatar

    My dog’s favorite place to walk/run is in the hiking trails behind our house! He just loves it there! It’s like a little doggie-social ground! LOL! We would need the size S if we were lucky enough to win. Thanks for the chance!

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