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How’s this for a dream job? You’re a young American living in Rome, photographing weddings, families, and — best of all — pets for a living. Such is the lucky life of Stephanie Millner, whose gorgeous studio images of pets and their people helped garner her the Diamond Photographer of the Year award for 2010. I love the minimal nature of her studio shots, which, despite the simplicity of setting, still capture so much doggie emotion and personality.

Stephanie is currently working on a photography book called Furballs, which will feature dogs adopted from animal shelters. Proceeds from Furballs will be donated back to community shelters to help adoptable animals looking for forever homes.

You can check out more of Stephanie Millner’s work on her site and blog.


Our pups’ names are really important to them – and yet we can’t help ourselves from giving them endearing nicknames, can we? In our house, the nicknames get used more than the real names – Mingy Lu, Dizzy Bones, Little Man, Little Piggy. I think that’s part of the reason I like the name of Ohio pet photographer Alexa Hanna’s company so much – Doodlie Bop. For pet photography, a cute, sort of silly name like that just sort of seems fitting.

It’s especially fitting to me, too, since Hanna has such a talent for capturing the innate happiness and joy dogs possess.

You can see more happy dogs on Doodlie Bop’s site and blog.

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I’ve been admiring Emilee Fuss‘ photography for several months now, ever since I met her through Twitter a while back, and I’m glad to finally have some of her photos up on ye olde blogge. Emilee lives and shoots in southwest Florida, and was voted Best Pet Photographer in Sarasota’s Pets Choice Awards before she even finished high school – which, by the way, was just this past spring. Seriously amazing.

Emilee also takes gorgeous photos of people, both big and small, and volunteers photographing local shelter dogs to help them find forever homes. She’s just 100% all-around awesome.

You can check out more of Emilee’s fantastic work on her site and her blog.


I saw some photographs of Martin on Anne Good’s blog the other day, and they really made me smile. So, being in the business of good will and all, I’d like to pass the smiles along to you.

Behold, I present Martin… a (female) Labradoodle who’s very good at balancing on things.

Do yourself a favor and check out more on Martin’s flickr.

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Philadelphia photographer and illustrator Andrew Pinkham is  a really nice guy, so I wish his photographs didn’t challenge me so much. See, I’m pretty much a purist when it comes to photography — I don’t typically go for staging or a bunch of postproduction shenanigans. Pinkham’s work, as you can see, pretty much blows all my self-subscribed “rules” out of the water — and yet I still like it.

Inspired by 18th-century portraiture and painters like George Stubbs and John James Audubon, Pinkham employs poetic landscapes, occasional props, and postproduction layering to create psedo-historical portraits of pets and people.

Pinkham states, “One of the things that I purely enjoy about making this work is that it is historical in its look, feel and approach. The client determines how they want their animal portrayed, and the rest is, well, history, and a very personal history at that.”

No matter how somber, regal, comedic, or even a little bit absurd the final product may be, each piece starts with an honest, soulful capturing of his subject’s personality, telling a distinct story that reflects the powerful roles our pets play in our lives. Pretty sure that’s what I like about it — my “rules” be damned.

You can check out more of Pinkham’s work on his website and his blog.

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Big ups to Leesia Teh for bringing this to my attention — an awesome Washington Post photo essay about Capitol Hill… apparently one of the most dog-friendly workplaces in America.

See the full collection here.

All images by Linda Davidson, Washington Post


Have I mentioned before that I love New York City? Here are some photos from a recent trip.

Enjoy your weekend!

West 82nd

10th + Bleecker

More after the jump.

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San Francisco photographer Kira Stackhouse (of Nuena Photography) loves photographing dogs – so much so that’s she’s taken on a daunting but impressive challenge: to photograph all 150+ dog AKC-recognized dog breeds for a book (with the working title Project DOG). Since Kira plans to photograph both purebred and rescue/mixed “versions” of each breed, that’s 300+ dogs total. That’s almost a dog a day. (Hey, Kira! You could call your book A Dog a Day. Great title, right? We’ll discuss royalty options.)

Considering Stackhouse’s touching, intimate style, Project DOG is sure to be anything but your average “breed book.”

Project DOG is currently on a nationwide search for dogs to photograph for inclusion in the book. For information on where Kira and her camera will be, and how to submit your dog for consideration, visit the Project DOG web site.

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Awesome awesomeness from The Guardian: stunning photos collected by photographers of Kanellos, a street dog that has [update: supposedly] made an appearance at nearly every protest in Athens for the past two years, no matter how violent.

See and read more at The Guardian.


Photo credit: Aris Messinis/AFP/Getty Images

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Chances are you’ve seen some of Jamie Pflughoeft’s work before — she’s the talent behind Seattle’s Cowbelly Pet Photography, and she’s one of the best in the biz. (You can check out her amazing images here.) Jamie started a personal project in the fall of 2008 called the Graffiti Dogs Project, and she’s amassing a really cool portfolio of dogs alongside some of Seattle’s best street art.

Graffiti and dogs — pretty much two of my favorite things. Add in a slice of red velvet cake and some William Faulkner and it’s like my own little heaven.

You can check out more cool images and read about Jamie’s Graffiti Dogs project on the Cowbelly blog.

And if you happen to be a pet photographer yourself, you might be interested in another project Jamie’s recently launched, the Beautiful Beasties Pet Photography Network. It’s an online forum for pet photographers to network, share images and ideas, and educate one another on running a successful pet photography business. Check the link for application information!

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