Ann Hoff Art

If there is a word to describe the type of artists I like, it’s eccentric. And that certainly describes this wonderful talent Ann Marie Hoff. Her art was recently brought to my attention and I just love it.

The first thing that caught my eye is this kitten artwork. This I believe is an homage to All Souls’ Day (which my Great Uncle explained to me in great detail when I was a child). It’s colorful, unique, and for some reason reminds me of my time in New Orleans. A portion of these proceeds goes toward spay/neuter charities (which is what inspired the art).

Next was the platters, which continue a theme of color throughout the work. The large black lab platter below is my favorite as it reminds me of my Brother’s wonderful dog. And despite being a platter, this is far too pretty to be used for anything besides being displayed on a wall.

But maybe my favorite piece in the entire store are these bowls. That Oasis blue is perfect. It looks like something a wizard would use to brew up some magic. It would look stunning on those resin tables I see people talking so much about.

There’s a whole bunch of other great art available on her site too.

Besides art, Ann works as a pet communicator and intuitive medium. Some things I look forward to learning more about in the near future.

To close up this post, please check out the site of this incredibly talented person.


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