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Mingus is named for jazz musician Charles Mingus. Charles Mingus was incredibly cool. Mingus the dog is, sadly, not.

Know who else was cool? Johnny Cash and John Lennon. As humans and, apparently, as dogs.

You can check out more of illustrator Oliver Lake’s musical dogs on his site and in his Etsy shop.

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So, being 33 means that you’ve lived long enough to see various fashions come and go and come back again. Popped collars, shutter shades, even (gagggg) shoulder pads — these have all been done before. One fashion trend I’ve actually been kind of stoked to welcome back is leg warmers. I don’t know – there’s just something warm and cozy and “Get in Shape, Girl” that I love about them. (And if you got that “Get in Shape, Girl” reference, you’re probably also somewhere around 33. Congratulations!)

The Hydrant, out of Toronto, crafts legwarmers for dogs that, hello, I love. It’s fashion with function — and functionality is my rule when it comes to clothes on dogs.

The Hydrant’s handmade cotton legwarmers are available in sizes extra small to extra large (or custom sizes). Check them out at The Hydrant.

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I love Sara Pulver‘s folk-artish paintings. Check out her Etsy shop for originals, prints, and cards. So. much. good. stuff.

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The sound of the lid of the treat jar being lifted: my dogs could hear it from miles away, while wearing earmuffs.

The lidded jars from Willow Tree Pottery are perfect for holding your pup’s favorite snacks.

Only 2 days remain to enter our free food giveaway — go to Monday’s post to enter!

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We’re decorating our new house, and I’ve got throw pillows on the brain. (Some people out there are searching for cures for diseases, or writing mind-blowing poetry, and I’m thinking about throw pillows.)

Here’s a roundup of some handmade doggie pillows from Etsy.

1 – doxie in the vibrant garden pillow from persnickety pelican

2 – poodle felt pillow from photographik

3 – man’s best friend cushion cover from lifecovers

4 – dachshund pillow in burnt orange from kate durkin

5 – screenprinted sleepy dog pillow from robin & mould

6 – great dane print pillow from sara norwood

7 – scandinavian-style screenprinted cushion cover from jane foster

8 – plush doggy cuddlet from cuddlet

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Jo Chambers of Studio Legohead is an illustrator and textile artist from Bristol, UK. I’m not sure if Jo’s ever been to the southern United States, but her doggie illustrations all remind me of quirky characters from Southern literature. Like Flannery O’Connor, but not creepy.

You can see more of Jo’s illustrations here, including amazing embroidery pieces made from her drawings. She also has an Etsy shop with an assortment of drawings for sale.

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I spotted this pet dish in an Etsy treasury yesterday, and it is FIIIIIEERCE.

Gahhh. I need one. NOW.

From Johnson, Tennessee’s La Pella Pottery.

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Know what today is? Yes, it’s Election Day — as I’m going to sternly assume you know — but it’s also All Souls’ Day and, in Mexico, El Día de los Muertos, a celebration of departed loved ones. (Maybe after the day is over we’ll be talking about those soon to be “departed” from Washington?)

I’m crazy about Jose Pulido‘s Day of the Dead-inspired illustrations like the one above, and Pulido’s shop features lots of cool doggie-inspired art.

Check out Pulido’s stuff — and then go vote! But first check out the links.

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Know a lab lover?

Etsy shop The Lab (based in Naperville, IL) is loaded with legions of — you guessed it — labs.

Labs in black, yellow, and chocolate adorn handmade baby clothes, tote bags, pencil cups, and Christmas items. There are even dog toys, too.

Sniff around at The Lab.

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Bow Wow Couture‘s got sharp handmade collars (and collar flowers) in pretty fall fabrics for girls and boys.

Check ‘em out at Bow Wow Couture.

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