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Wow. OK. So, I was up way too late last night after going to hear an awesome band, so I’m totally phoning this post in. This here is a video from another one of my favorite live bands, the Avett Brothers, and guess what? It’s got a dog in it. So I’m totally covered, right?

Y’all have a great Wednesday. I’m going to go take a nap.


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Mingus is named for jazz musician Charles Mingus. Charles Mingus was incredibly cool. Mingus the dog is, sadly, not.

Know who else was cool? Johnny Cash and John Lennon. As humans and, apparently, as dogs.

You can check out more of illustrator Oliver Lake’s musical dogs on his site and in his Etsy shop.

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This? This is awesome. And this could be a hit. Just add T-Pain.

And just forget that every one of these looks like Mingus.

(Found via Dog City)

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I’m not all that familiar with Norah Jones’ newer music (although I think she has one of the most amazing voices EVER), but a reader (Hi, Sarah!) alerted me to an awesome song on Jones’ new album The Fall (which features a St. Bernard on the cover, and dogs throughout the album art), “Man of the Hour.” The song is an ode to Jones’ poodle, Ralph, and pretty well sums up many of the reasons why we love our dogs.

Here’s Jones performing the song on “Good Morning America.” (Loooove her haircut, by the way.)

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My husband and I sometimes make ourselves laugh discussing what kind of music our dogs would like if they were human. Dottie’s a huge fan of Miley Cyrus, of course. Mingus’ tastes, on the other hand, lean more toward classic rock and big-hair bands… which is funny, ’cause if you met him, you’d think he were totally emo.

I remember seeing Gemini Studios‘ awesome vintage-inspired illustrations a while back, and I’m stoked that a reader turned me on to this Etsy shop again.


Graphic designer and illustrator Stephen Fowler creates handmade, original pieces by using collage techniques to apply his own illustrations to canvas. You can check out more retro-style album covers and advertising posters in his shop.


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Well, the Grammys were on last night. Did you watch? I don’t even know what to say. Three and a half hours long, and I swear they only gave out 3 awards. Instead we had Pink as a giant swinging sprinkler, some weird 3D rainforest Michael Jackson something or other, and Taylor Swift (bless her little heart).

Here’s some sweet gear for your four-legged rock ‘n roller.


Fetch them (and others) at Fun Dog Fred.

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