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Yeah, so maybe it’s like 40 degrees and gray and rainy here, but bump that. It’s SPRING. I refuse to acknowledge anything to the contrary. In my head it’s 70 degrees and we’re grilling out and taking long evening walks with the dogs.

The Sailor’s Knot leash from Mascot is perfect for a long spring-y walk, and it’ll look great on the beach this summer, too.

The Sailor’s Knot Lead is made of water-repellent polypropylene cording and is available from Mascot’s web site.

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Looky, looky! Molly Mutt has debuted several new doggie duvet designs for spring.

Pictured here are Wishbone and Pictures of You. Check Molly Mutt’s site for more!

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As I write this, it’s something like eight degrees outside (OK, maybe eighteen degrees), and we’re probably under a “winter weather advisory” of some type. I don’t even know. I don’t know because I don’t care. I am so OVER this winter stuff. Usually I’m all about winter – puffy sweaters, cute scarves, less leg-shaving. But this winter has been so cold and so slushy and so bitter and so cold.

I want spring, and I want it now.

Next best thing? Kicky, happy spring collars.

Enter MimiGreen. Chances are you’ve seen MimiGreen’s awesome accessories on other blogs or in magazines. Today, clad in hat and gloves and God-knows-how-many layers, I’m totally digging these oilcloth collars.

They’re bright and cheery and fun, and they’re water-resistant, stain-proof, and wipe clean with a damp rag – for when all this “weather” melts into mud.

Go shopping at MimiGreen.

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