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Weeee-oooo! Weeee-oooo! Weeee-oooo! Cute tag alert!

These are Happy Tags. They’re handmade, completely personalizable, printable on both sides, and come in sizes tiny through extra large.

Check ‘em out at Happy Tags.

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I saw these nametag-inspired dog tags on Dog Milk the other day, and I’m going to repost them here because a) I love them and b) I’m a lazy blogger (not really. I was busy meeting a deadline for my far-less-interesting, but better-paying, day job).

When we go to the dog park, my husband and I love to check out tags to learn the names of the dogs we meet. Seeing one of these on a dog’s collar, as if the pup’s at a professional development seminar or something, would give me a good chuckle.

You can fetch silver-plated, handmade, round or square “Hello, My Name Is” ID tags from Animal Outfitters.

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I’m crazy in love with this 24K gold-plated leaf dog tag from Britain’s high-class dog shop Mungo & Maud.

Do you think I’d ever trust either of my pups with anything this nice, though? HA HA HA! That is comedy. You should take that act on the road. But seriously, wouldn’t it be nice to have a pretty dog tag like this for yourself, and engrave your pup’s name on it? A right fine idea, I’d say. I’m going to start dropping some hints.

The leaf dog tag is available from Mungo & Maud in gold and silver. (Sadly, Mungo & Maud doesn’t offer engraving. Maybe you could take it to Things Remembered or something?)

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Oh, collar tags and charms, how I love thee! If I bought all the ones I loved, I’d be broke and my pups would look like B.A. Baracus.

Rover in Clover is a great new online shop featuring some of the best tags around, including Mascot, Red Dingo, Rockin’ Doggie, mHound, and their own stainless-steel in-house designs.

They’re celebrating their grand opening until Thursday, July 1, and you can get 10% off with coupon code ROVER.

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Dogs + robots @ Etsy:

Left to right, by row:

> robot dog leash, scampering scotties

> robot dog onesie, two blue cars

> robo dog custom ID tag, bowwowzerz

> dog hoodie, katy and zucchini

> robot with doggie wall decal, willow creek signs

> it is important to walk your robot dog pillow, muddipuppy

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Everyone’s talking about boycotting Arizona these days (as if it’s the whole state’s fault they made a stupid law), but there’s lots of cool stuff in Arizona, like Tucson-based Etsy seller Urban Puppy. These handmade sterling silver, copper, and brass pet tags are the perfect combo of cute and class.

Urban Puppy takes a special interest in animal welfare and adoption, and many of the tag designs were inspired by special rescue pups. Each tag is handmade to order, and most can be personalized with your pet’s ID information.

And this sheriff’s tag? Pure-tee awesomeness.

Check out all the tags in Urban Puppy’s Etsy shop.

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Why am I so crazy about collar tags? Maybe it’s ’cause I’ve got big dogs (OK, big-ish dogs…) and collars and collar tags are the only way I have to accessorize them? Anyway, here are some new ones from Krazy For Pets. They’re engraveable with up to four lines of text.

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Some might say I’m a little slow in accepting things sometimes, a tad bit late for the bandwagon. Cell phones, digital music, sauvignon blanc — all things that took me a while to get used to but that I now can’t live without.

Same thing with Twitter. Just months ago I scoffed at Twitter proudly. Now, apparently, I am the author of some 2,882 tweets (at time of writing this post). And while it’s true that I still can’t say I totally get Twitter… Twitter’s allowed me to connect with lots of cool people and discover lots of cool doggie stuff, like Etsy seller BowWowzerZ. They make custom, personalized pet ID tags featuring a plethora of wicked-cool designs, and they donate 10% of sales to 4 Luv of Dog Rescue in Fargo, ND.


The ninja? Hellooooo… Mingus. But then the Charlie Brown tag is pretty awesome, too. Luckily they’re inexpensive in case I can’t settle on just one.

I don’t care what you say, though… I’m still not getting a Blu-Ray player.

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I was delighted to wake up Sunday morning and find a lovely note (and equally lovely images) from Best in Park in my inbox. Best in Park’s collection of leashes, ID tags, and items for the home are classy through and through, right down to their packaging (which was recognized for its design by Lovely Package).

All Best in Park’s products are designed and made in Australia (same place Hugh Jackman and Lleyton Hewitt were made — rwarrr) but can be shipped worldwide.


I especially love Best in Park’s leather, cotton, and jute leads. We jokingly call Mingus “the Professor,” and he totally needs something highbrow like this (just like he needs one of those corduroy jackets with the little patches on the elbows. Do they make those for dogs? Don’t worry — I’m on it).


Fetch something for your highbrow hound at Best in Park’s web site.

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One Monday in late November, about a week before we moved, I literally spent all day on the phone setting up the utilities at our new place and changing my mailing address for credit card accounts, bank accounts, magazine subscriptions, insurance companies, yadda, yadda, yadda. Yet here we are, close to a month later, and my pups are still walking around with ID tags with our old address on them. Shameful.

I have a good excuse: I haven’t changed my cell phone number yet, so the phone number on the tags is still valid. Once I get a new local phone number, though, I’m pretty sure I’m ordering them both new Red Dingo tags. They’re super preshy and way durable — Dottie’s got one, and if you know Dottie, the fact that it’s still in one piece, much less still shiny and new-looking, is beyond impressive.

And hey, lucky me — Red Dingo’s just released a bevy of new designs.


Fetch these and other new tags at Red Dingo or Krazy For Pets.

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