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The days are getting longer and warmer, and that means it’s hiking season once again. My favorite go-to company for great outdoor gear for dogs is Ruff Wear, and they’ve recently introduced some new products just in time for hiking season. My favorites of the new collection are the Top Rope collar, which features a fierce buckle and a conveniently located V-ring for easy leash connection, and the Flat Out leash, which is a hand-held, waist-worn, and fixed leash all in one — perfect for a day on the trail.

Check out the new gear and old classics at Ruff Wear.

And don’t forget to take advantage of our special coupon code at Planet MOMO by tomorrow!

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I love the nighliiiiife… I got to boogiiiieeee.. on the disco rooooounnddddd…

(Got that song in your head now? You’re welcome. I’ve had it in my head since I saw this collar. Not to worry, though… “Bad Romance” will be back in there before too long.)

The Nightlife collar from OllyDog is made of sturdy nylon webbing with a reflective stripe for safety and visibility at night. There’s also a Nightlife leash for walks after dark.

You can fetch the OllyDog Nightlife collar and leash from OllyDog and REI.

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Well, looky there.

Isn’t that just the cutest little thing?

This lined canvas poop-bag holder with leather detail is just $7.95 at Crate & Barrel.

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It gets pretty cold up here in the mountains from time to time, but being Husky mixes, Mingus and Dottie are pretty well suited for it. Thus they don’t require a lot of clothing, a fact I occasionally lament. Dottie has one little sweater that is the. cutest. thing., and Mingus has a little collared jacket that is wicked handsome. Secret? I really want a little corduroy jacket for him with elbow patches (he is The Professor, after all). Somebody make me one.

Anyway, George has a great selection of classy sweaters and jackets to protect your pup from winter’s chill.

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Can we talk about a little problem we’re having here? It’s not pretty. Mingus has apparently decided he now has to poop twice on every walk. Is it his food? Is it a seasonal thing? Has he simply found yet another way to be jerky? It’s hard to tell. But the sad truth is we go through a lot of poop bags these days.

How about a spiffy little walking vest that would allow him to carry his own poop bags, both empty and, er, used? Excellent idea.

Tree Parlor, a wonderful little Etsy shop based just down the road from me in Greenville, SC, features Saddle Wags™, awesome little walking vests and jackets (many made from upcycled clothing) with expandable pockets for carrying poop bags, cell phones, house keys, or whatever else you might need on your walk. Tree Parlor also offers some cute but classy winter coats for when this heat (finally) passes on.

Fetch Saddle Wags™ at Tree Parlor’s Etsy shop.

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So, is this officially, like, the shortest summer ever, or what? I mean, it’s going to be broiling at best here in the South for at least another month, but kids go back to school, what, like next week? Duuude, I bet they are BUMMED.

Your pup can rock summer style all year long thanks to Island Dog Gear‘s leashes, collars, and accessories inspired by Hawaiian beach style. My personal favorite? The portable Bowl-to-Go, available in happy funtime summertime colors.

Found via Daily Kibble.

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Well, much to my surprise, even though the World Cup is over, there are other sports happenings going on in the world… there’s Lebron’s big decision, of course, and the British Open, and then that big bike race through France. (I’ll tell you, if I’m making a trip to the French Alps, you probably won’t find me sweating on a bike — I’ll be in a cafe with a glass of wine and some fondue or something.)

If you’re a biker, though, and you’d like to bike with your pup, maybe you should spring for a Springer. The Springer, developed in Norway in the late ’80s, is available in the US through Springer America. The Springer’s patented design keeps you and your dog safe on a joint bike ride, allowing you to stay balanced and keeping a leash from getting dangerously tangled. Norwegian brilliance, y’all.

Anyone used one? Whatcha think? Does it make riding a bike with a pup as easy as…. riding a bike?

Fetch one at Springer America. They offer a 30-day money-back guarantee!

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When my husband and I made a hasty move across the state seven months ago, we chose our current rental house by seeing photos on the internet and briefly checking Google Maps. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend our methodology, we actually lucked out with a pretty charming little place. We’ll soon start looking for a place of our own, and one thing I really want — besides a big fenced yard, of course — is, in said yard, a bricked-in patio with a firepit. Husband: make it happen.

And on said patio? Maybe a couple of these.

You can fetch Bowsers waterproof, mold-resistant patio beds from PupLife. I, unfortunately, have to start saving for a down payment.

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Camping season is in full swing, y’all. I can’t wait to get out in nature and do nature-y things. We haven’t been on a camping trip yet this spring — we’re still trying to psych Dottie up for it. (She doesn’t really “get” the whole camping thing. Mingus, on the other hand, would probably prefer we just live full time in the woods.) I love camping, and fun doggie camping products make it even better.

This Eco Food Sac from ABO Gear, Inc. looks like the perfect thing for a camping trip or a weekend at the beach. It’s made of all-natural, heavy-duty jute fiber (which is biodegradable and recyclable), and it even comes with a little bamboo scoop.

Check out ABO’s site for all kinds of fun outdoor and travel gear as well as strong, eco-friendly jute toys.

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There are a coupla cool dog parks we’ve been frequenting since we moved here to Asheville, but one of our new favorites doesn’t have a water spigot, which we’re not used to. So we’ve got to start remembering to take some water with us when we go. We might need to add RuffDawg’s new RuffBowl to our dog park bag.

Actually, we don’t have a dog park bag. But maybe we should. With a bowl in it. And water.

Fetch the collapsible, durable RuffBowl online or at a store near you.

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