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I saw Mutt Gear’s Vir-Chew-Ly Indestructible Leash on Dog Milk the other day, and I liked it so much that I’m not only going to repost it here, but I’m considering ordering a couple for Ming and The Dizz. The Vir-Chew-Ly Indestructible Leash, as you might guess from the name, is fiercely durable, made from flexible airplane cables that boast a tensile strength of 900 pounds, making them (virtually) immune to chewing, breaking, and tangles. These leashes are seriously not joking around.

The Vir-Chew-Ly Indestructible Leash feature a detachable, swiveling comfort-grip handle (with a breaking limit of 3000 pounds) and comes in a variety of lengths and strengths, including a handy traffic lead (pictured above).

So, what do you think? Pink for Dottie, and yellow for Ming?

You can learn more about the Vir-Chew-Ly Indestructible Leash and place an order at the Mutt Gear web site.

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Y’all might remember Sydney, Australia’s Ruthless Leather from our feature a few months back. I am seriously covetous over basically everything on their site, but if someone wants to go ahead and get me the O-Disc cuff in red I’d be perfectly happy with that.

Today, April 1st, Ruthless is celebrating their one-year anniversary, and they’re celebrating with an awesome promotion — a complimentary leash with any full-price collar order through noon on Monday, April 4th Sydney time (which is 10:00 p.m. Sunday here on the east coast of the United States). One lucky buyer will also receive a complimentary matching cuff! (And, say, if they wanted to, that lucky buyer would be free to then gift that cuff to me.)

You can read all about the promotion here. Happy Birthday, Ruthless!

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Yeah, so maybe it’s like 40 degrees and gray and rainy here, but bump that. It’s SPRING. I refuse to acknowledge anything to the contrary. In my head it’s 70 degrees and we’re grilling out and taking long evening walks with the dogs.

The Sailor’s Knot leash from Mascot is perfect for a long spring-y walk, and it’ll look great on the beach this summer, too.

The Sailor’s Knot Lead is made of water-repellent polypropylene cording and is available from Mascot’s web site.

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It’s definitely been feeling like spring here lately, and it’s got me feeling like I need a new pair of shoes. Of course, almost anything can make me feel like I need a new pair of shoes — if it’s Tuesday, or Wednesday, or rainy, or sunny, or I’m happy or sad. You get the idea.

Maybe your pup is feeling like she needs to rock a fresh new style for spring? Our pals at Cody’s Creations are offering 15% off your entire purchase in their shop. Go and take a peek at their handmade collars, harnesses, leashes, and handy treat pockets and leash pouches.

To get 15% off your entire purchase at Cody’s Creations, use coupon code PFT0311.

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I love the nighliiiiife… I got to boogiiiieeee.. on the disco rooooounnddddd…

(Got that song in your head now? You’re welcome. I’ve had it in my head since I saw this collar. Not to worry, though… “Bad Romance” will be back in there before too long.)

The Nightlife collar from OllyDog is made of sturdy nylon webbing with a reflective stripe for safety and visibility at night. There’s also a Nightlife leash for walks after dark.

You can fetch the OllyDog Nightlife collar and leash from OllyDog and REI.

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Dublin Dog’s eco-Lucks leashes feature an ergonomic handle and a detachable pouch for money, keys, or poop bags. Made from 100% post-consumer plastic bottles, each eco-Lucks leash keeps about 2.5 plastic bottles out of a landfill.

I’m thinking this means I need to drink more Dr. Pepper so more leashes can be made, right? Right. *

You can check out eco-Lucks at Dublin Dog, including collars to match.

(*) Totally kidding. Everyone knows Dr. Pepper tastes best out of a can.

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One of my very favorite songs is Bob Dylan’s “Boots of Spanish Leather.” Well, here we’ve got collars and leads of Spanish leather, and they’re awful pretty.

Creature Clothes‘ leather collars and leads (available from Merry Dogs Ltd) are handmade in England from high-quality Spanish bridle leather. You can choose from collars and matching leads studded with bones, hearts, or stars (nickel or brass) – although I quite like the simple but classy plain leather version.

You can fetch Creature Clothes collars and leads from Merry Dogs, which offers affordable shipping to the US.

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I’m not a huge fan of retractable leashes at all. (Actually, I have used several bad words in reference to retractable leashes before, but I know a lot of dog owners like them, and I don’t want to go too far and possibly offend any one of my seven or eight readers out there.) I spotted the Quirky Kōsoku retractable leash on Pawesome recently, though, and like Kit DeLuca, I think it’s got potential.

The Kōsoku leash was developed by Quirky based on an idea submitted by reader Sara Carpenter. Now available for presale, it features a retractable 6-foot leash, a special pocket for waste bags, reflective tape for safety, and a shock-absorbent handle for ergonomic comfort.

(image credit: pawesome.net)

Pretty cool, huh? (And if you got that Pretty Woman reference up there, then I think you’re pretty cool.)

The Kōsoku leash is currently on presale at Quirky.

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I have some friends whose dog is scared of new leather products and freaks a little every time one of them brings home, say, a new pair of leather shoes. Funny, because every time I have a new pair of leather shoes I want to bury my face in them and rub it around like Mingus does on the carpet after he’s had a really tasty meal.

I’ve said it before: dogs are weird.

Check out the gorgeous bespoke leather goods from Sydney, Australia’s Ruthless Leather. Won’t someone please buy me one of these scrumptious handmade leashes or collars?

Ruthless’ leashes and collars are custom-made to order from quality bridle leather with durable silver or brass hardware. Ruthless is so confident in the quality of their products that they guarantee their craftsmanship for ten years. And I bet they smell awesome.

The founder of Ruthless Leather, Ruth O’Leary, is also an award-winning photographer. You can check out some of her beautiful photographs here.

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Happy Labor Day, American pups and peeps! Did you know that the first Labor Day was celebrated in New York City in 1882, and Congress eventually made Labor Day a national holiday as a sort of reconciliation with the labor movement? That’s all from Wikipedia. I don’t really know much about the history of Labor Day, because to me Labor Day (or at least Labor Day weekend) is a national holiday celebrating the official start of college football. Can I get an amen? And the official start of college football means that regular season NFL games are right around the corner. It’s a glorious time.

So, is your pooch ready? As we all know, dogs care a lot about football, and about all sports, for that matter. You can get your pup outfitted in your favorite college or pro team’s gear thanks to Doggie Nation, which offers officially licensed gear for pups for dozens of NFL and college teams.

Fetch football jerseys, leashes, collars, bandanas, bowls, toys, caps, and more for your little fan at Doggie Nation.

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