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Mingus is named for jazz musician Charles Mingus. Charles Mingus was incredibly cool. Mingus the dog is, sadly, not.

Know who else was cool? Johnny Cash and John Lennon. As humans and, apparently, as dogs.

You can check out more of illustrator Oliver Lake’s musical dogs on his site and in his Etsy shop.

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NO talk of football today, OK? Nor any talk of the Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, or commercials. Football is over until next fall (or later), and we’ll all mourn it in our own way.

Lets talk about dog stuff instead, shall we?

Seattle illustrator and children’s book author Matthew Porter makes delightful cartoony dogs. You can check his work out on his site and Etsy shop.

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I’m in love with these illustrations by Utah’s Kari Egan. Simple in style, they communicate so much about a pup’s personality.

You can check out more of Kari’s work on her web site, and you can fetch prints and notecards featuring Frenchies, Danes, Yorkies and more in her Etsy shop.

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Jo Chambers of Studio Legohead is an illustrator and textile artist from Bristol, UK. I’m not sure if Jo’s ever been to the southern United States, but her doggie illustrations all remind me of quirky characters from Southern literature. Like Flannery O’Connor, but not creepy.

You can see more of Jo’s illustrations here, including amazing embroidery pieces made from her drawings. She also has an Etsy shop with an assortment of drawings for sale.

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I saw these awesome pet care PSA prints on Dog Milk the other day, from Etsy artist Ink + Sword.

I love them. And I’m looking for art for our new house. So there you go.

See more at Ink + Sword.

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Know what today is? Yes, it’s Election Day — as I’m going to sternly assume you know — but it’s also All Souls’ Day and, in Mexico, El Día de los Muertos, a celebration of departed loved ones. (Maybe after the day is over we’ll be talking about those soon to be “departed” from Washington?)

I’m crazy about Jose Pulido‘s Day of the Dead-inspired illustrations like the one above, and Pulido’s shop features lots of cool doggie-inspired art.

Check out Pulido’s stuff — and then go vote! But first check out the links.

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Lisa Marie Norton is a graphic designer and illustrator from Ferndale, Michigan. Inspired by her pups and kitties (Ozzy, Lola, Mylo, and Zoey), Norton makes custom pet doodles, available through her web site, Lisa Marie Norton Original Prints, or LMNOP. (Get it? LMNOP?)

Norton’s work has been featured all over (Daily Candy, Dooce, Real Simple). How cute are these? Who knew cuteness like this could come out of Michigan? (I kid, I KID… love y’all, Michigan.)

Norton’s custom drawings are available in two sizes, $60 per dog. STEAL! You can check out more of her doodles and download an order form on LMNOP.com.

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Swedish illustrator Mattias Adolfson features dogs prominently in his whimsical, bizarre-yet-friendly drawings.

You can check out more of his work on his blog and Behance gallery.

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Lemme tell you, squirrels… I had to drive almost 4 hours for work yesterday, got back around 9 p.m., and then went to a rock ‘n roll (OK, bluegrass) show… I’m tahrd. Sooo tahrd. So I’m not going to lie: I’m kind of phoning this blog post in.

Lemme tell you who doesn’t phone it in, though (see? horrible segue.  I’m TAHRRRD) — Poor Dog Farm. This Etsy shop from “rural, rural PA” features charming illustrations of all kinds of creatures in hats, dresses, and other finery, from rabbits to birds to sharks. But! Look closely! There are some pups to be found, too.

See more at Poor Dog Farm.

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It doesn’t take much to make me happy… a good book, a tasty beer, a bouquet of fresh flowers, a sunny day. I can honestly say I can take pleasure in the small things, even – to steal a phrase from artist Ed van der Hoek’s Etsy profile  – “like dogs in cars and other silly stuff.”

Ed van der Hoek, the talent behind Edart, is an illustrator and painter from the Netherlands. His work is colorful and whimsical, two things that make me happy.

Yes, that’s a dalmatian driving a Citroën DS convertible. Nothing not to like here, people.

See more and order postcards and giclee prints in van der Hoek’s Etsy shop.

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