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So the rustic thing is totally in for 2011, right? I don’t know. I just made that up. But rustic is about to be in at my house with the Woodland bowl and treat jar and Urban Country dog bowls from o.r.e. pet. These are so rad.

You can fetch the Woodland and Urban Country collections from o.r.e. pet and 347 Barkers Place.

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I’m not going to lie: a big part of me still really likes Paul Frank. Is that cool? I don’t even know. I know for a fact that I am often not cool. But once you’re an adult, like a real adult, you get to work with a new definition of “cool.” Sometimes uncool actually becomes cool. It’s pretty cool.

The filling for these Paul Frank dog beds is made from recycled plastic bottles, and they feature a non-skid bottom. That’s definitely cool. Paul Frank also has a dog-friendly workplace. Again: cool.


(If you think these beds are cool, you can fetch them from Funny Fur.)

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I’m unabashed in my love for the ultra-cool designs from Doca Pet, and the new additions to their line of bowls and feeders are quite super. The resin Smorgasboard features a sleek woodgrain texture, and the steel Wire & Dine double feeder comes in a variety of colors.

I’d like to take them both out for a beer.

Fetch them straight from Doca Pet.

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Check out the handmade modern dog furniture and accessories at ModPet. While I think a certain company could take issue with their slogan, I love these sleek, sophisticated designs.

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I saw the simplehuman pet food can over on Dog Milk the other day, and you know what I do when I see something I like? I steal it. KIDDING. That would be kleptomania and might require medication or therapy. I mean to say I re-post it. Here. As if I were cool enough to find it on my own.

Simplehuman’s pet food can is made of fingerprint-proof stainless steel and has a built-in scoop and wheels. It comes in two sizes (6.5-gallon and 8-gallon) and would be perfect in our newly redecorated kitchen. I might need to reallocate some funds and get this. Question, though: does “fingerprint-proof” also mean noseprint-proof?

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I love dogs with jobs! My dogs are good for nothing. Well, I take that back. Mingus can dig very large holes.

This dog’s good at his job and quiet while he’s doing it: cast aluminum door stopper with bronze finish available from Pottery Barn.

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Planet Momo is a new online store offering “stylist, high-quality products for pets and their people.” In fact, they’ve got many of our favorite doggie things on hand, from the likes of Jax & Bones, Mascot, Doca Pet, Molly Mutt, Harry Barker, and more. They’ve also got a great selection of eco-friendly toys, collars, and other items.

The best part? Through Thursday Planet Momo is offering phetched readers 15% OFF their entire site! Use coupon code PHETCHED in your checkout cart to get the deal.

Coupon code expires Friday, April 8th at 12:00 a.m. Pacific time.

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We’ve been renovating our kitchen for the past few weeks. Amazingly, it has not driven my husband and me to divorce, and I’ve actually enjoyed our recent foray into home improvement (all except the four-month delay on our new countertops, of course). Our house is a mid-century modern ranch, so we’re trying to update while still holding true to the architectural style of the home.

If you’re into that retro-vibe thing, these doggie diner bowls and mats from o.r.e. pet might be right up your alley.

You can fetch them at Krazy For Pets.

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We have quite a bit of dog hair around our house. (Perhaps I’ve mentioned it before.) As a result, our Dyson gets quite a workout, and I must say I’m impressed with how good a job it does. (I’m getting a little annoyed with Dyson’s commercials, though. What’s Mr. Dyson’s deal, exactly? It’s a vacuum cleaner, guy. The overlord tone is getting old.)

Anyway, Dysons truly are champs at handling dog hair, and now Dyson’s come out with something designed to address the hair problem at its source — that is, while it’s still on your dog. The Dyson Groom is a new tool (vacuum cleaner not included, of course) that you use to literally vacuum your dog. The Dyson Groom sucks the loose hair right off Fido before it has a chance to fly about and land on your floor, your furniture, or your children and friends.

Now, lest you laugh, I have friends who vacuum their dogs (with their standard vacuum attachments), and reportedly (a) it works and (b) the dogs love it. In the case of the Groom, though, $69.99 will buy you that super-special Dyson engineering — including slicker bristles that gently pull and smooth the hair, a spring-loaded trigger and storage mode, one-handed thumb control, and a self-cleaning mechanism.

Depending on your dog’s feelings about the vaccuum cleaner, it may or may not resemble a medieval torture device.

You can learn more about the Dyson Groom at Dyson’s website.

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The sound of the lid of the treat jar being lifted: my dogs could hear it from miles away, while wearing earmuffs.

The lidded jars from Willow Tree Pottery are perfect for holding your pup’s favorite snacks.

Only 2 days remain to enter our free food giveaway — go to Monday’s post to enter!

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