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I love dogs with jobs! My dogs are good for nothing. Well, I take that back. Mingus can dig very large holes.

This dog’s good at his job and quiet while he’s doing it: cast aluminum door stopper with bronze finish available from Pottery Barn.

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You might have seen Rigel Stuhmiller’s letterpressed stationery before, either right here on phetched, or maybe on the Today show, Apartment Therapy, or Daily Candy. In an effort to help Save the Children with support efforts in earthquake- and tsunami-ravaged Japan, Rigel is currently donating all profits from her sales to the organization, with generous donors matching her donations up to 300%.

Rigel says:

As most people will know, many coastal regions of Japan were devastated by the recent tsunami. Over the past decade I have met many Japanese agricultural students from these affected regions through my work on Chino Nojo Farms in San Diego. Many of these students’ hometowns have been severely affected by the tsunami.

Save the Children is the leading independent organization creating lasting change in the lives of children in need in the United States and around the world. They work with other organizations, governments, non-profits and a variety of local partners while maintaining independence without political agenda or religious orientation. 90% of all expenditures go towards program services.

Check out the fun doggie designs in Rigel’s shop. She’s running her fundraiser through 12 a.m. March 22nd.

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These little sprayers will be released by Pylones in January. I have absolutely no use for them in my life (that I know of…) and yet I still want them. All of them. Someone seriously needs to save me from myself.

Check ‘em out at Pylones USA.

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Let me tell you this: phetched has standards. phetched has substance. phetched does not endorse any type of flagrant exploitation. No siree.

What’s that? Hot guys and baby animals? Oh HELLS yes.

The 2011 Hot Guys and Baby Animals calendar features awesome photography of, you guessed it, hot guys and baby animals. Partial proceeds go to benefit the San Franscisco SPCA and other animal rescue organizations.

So it’s for a good cause, which makes it totally OK.

You can fetch the calendar as well as prints and e-cards here.

Go ahead. You know you want to look.

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So, it’s the holiday season and all. I haven’t bought a single gift. I will not panic. I WILL NOT PANIC.

Anyone want to know what to get meeeee? I love these clever doggie-inspired tees from peticotees, members of Etsy for Animals.

Tail wags to Sarah for the find!

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So, have you started your holiday shopping yet? Of course you have. Because you’re organized. You’re always prepared (like a Girl Scout). You’re in control (like Janet, “Ms. Jackson” if you’re nasty).

Or you’re like me and you save it all for the last minute, just to make it more traumatic harrowing nightmarish exciting.

Got a Westie lover on your list? Here you go.

Bentley The Westie Bookends are available at Anthropologie. I spotted them over at Barkzilla.

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Know a lab lover?

Etsy shop The Lab (based in Naperville, IL) is loaded with legions of — you guessed it — labs.

Labs in black, yellow, and chocolate adorn handmade baby clothes, tote bags, pencil cups, and Christmas items. There are even dog toys, too.

Sniff around at The Lab.

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I will not make tasteless jokes about this product.

I will not make tasteless jokes about this product.

I will not make tasteless jokes about this product.

The Sharp-End Pup is available from Amazon. It barks when you insert your pencil. I’m just saying.

(found via Daily Kibble)

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This is the time of year when I start having near-daily nervous breakdowns when I go out in public and see Christmas and Hanukkah decorations, cards, gifts, candies, et cetera already blanketing the stores. WHY must we start this circus earlier and earlier every year? And Dog help the shop that’s playing holiday music before December 1st. I’ve been known to get verbally abusive.

One thing I don’t mind jumping the gun on, though, is purchasing my calendar for the upcoming year. Let’s be honest: if you wait too long to get one, you’re stuck with a calendar pictures of unicorns or kitties hanging in trees or horses galloping through waterfalls and stuff. No offense if any of that is your thing.

I think I’ve already picked out the calendar I want for 2011: the newest installment in Lili Chin‘s Boogie On series, Boogie on Scooters. The full-size calendar features illustrations of Lili’s charming Boston terrier, Boogie, posing on a variety of classic bikes.

You can preview the drawings for Boogie On Scooters on Lili’s flickr, and you can order the calendar from Zazzle.

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I am not, by nature or any other means, a fancy person. My idea of fancy is generally a restaurant where I don’t have to unwrap my food before I eat it, or maybe pouring my beer into a glass. Like I said, not fancy. (Or, to pronounce it the Southern way, “faintsy.”) And needless to say, my dogs aren’t fancy, either. Mainly I just try to keep them clean.

Just ’cause I’m not faintsy, though, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate fancy things — especially when that fanciness is coupled with functionality. The swanky collars and leads from ironically named The Shabby Dog have matching wrist cuffs that attach to the leads for hands-free walking — so your hands are unencumbered to carry a water bottle, a purse, a newspaper, or to shake hands with random people on the street (which I imagine fancy people find themselves doing quite often).

Fetch wrist cuffs, leads, and collars separately at The Shabby Dog (including the Pupercise lead for half the price). And while you’re there, check out this traveling dog bowl. FAINTSY!

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