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I saw the simplehuman pet food can over on Dog Milk the other day, and you know what I do when I see something I like? I steal it. KIDDING. That would be kleptomania and might require medication or therapy. I mean to say I re-post it. Here. As if I were cool enough to find it on my own.

Simplehuman’s pet food can is made of fingerprint-proof stainless steel and has a built-in scoop and wheels. It comes in two sizes (6.5-gallon and 8-gallon) and would be perfect in our newly redecorated kitchen. I might need to reallocate some funds and get this. Question, though: does “fingerprint-proof” also mean noseprint-proof?

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My husband and I constantly remind Mingus and Dottie exactly how much money they cost us from day to day, and how if they weren’t around we could probably go ahead and retire or something. It’s tough love. They understand.

But seriously, caring for dogs isn’t exactly cheap, right? So what would you think if someone were to offer you some FREE dog food? If I were you, I’d think that’s pretty awesome. And what if the food weren’t just some old junk, but really good quality food made from 100% natural ingredients, rich in proteins and antioxidants — really good food like Nature’s Logic? Well, I would think that’s even awesomer.

Nature’s Logic is giving away FREE FOOD to TWO phetched readers! Here’s all you have to do to enter to win:

1. Choose which you would prefer:

– one 4.4-lb bag of dry kibble or

– one 3-lb bag of raw frozen or

– five 13.2-oz cans

2. Visit Nature’s Logic’s web site and choose which flavor/formula you prefer.

3. Leave a comment below stating your choices.

That’s it! Entries will close Friday, 1/21 at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time, and 2 lucky winners will be randomly drawn at that time.

4. If you’d like an extra entry, you can tweet the following (once): Enter to win FREE DOG FOOD from @phetched and @NaturesLogic! http://bit.ly/hL6Vmm

Offer open to US and Canadian shipping addresses only. Thanks!

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Have you ever noticed that dogs seem to like kinda stinky stuff? I won’t go into detail, but I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about. I think this stink affinity is part of the reason Mingus and Dottie love fish-based foods so much. And it’s why I giggle a little at the name of The Honest Kitchen‘s first fish-based recipe, Zeal, as I’m sure Ming and Dizz would gladly devour a bowl of it with just that very emotion.

Like all of The Honest Kitchen’s dehydrated raw foods, Zeal is made from minimally processed, 100% human-grade ingredients, and is free of wheat and preservatives like ethoxyquin, which I’m not really sure how to pronounce but I know is really bad.

Says Lucy Postins, founder and CEO of The Honest Kitchen, “Zeal was truly inspired by our customers. For years, pet owners have told us that their dogs have allergies or intolerances to conventional meat sources, and we’re pleased that we can now offer this high-quality, human-grade recipe with minimal risk of allergies.”

And on top of that big ol’ pile of goodness, The Honest Kitchen will donate a portion of Zeal’s profits to marine conservation efforts, including The Nature Conservancy, The Blue Ocean Institute and the World Wildlife Fund.

Zeal will be available in late September from The Honest Kitchen.

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I ran across nulo on twitter yesterday, and as with anything with bright colors and good design, it caught my eye. Nulo (nutrition + love) is food for dogs and cats developed by self-professed “pet foodies” aimed at providing holistic, wholesome nutrition to your pets. Their animal-protein-rich foods contain no hormones, byproducts, or fillers, and they deliver their kibble, canned foods, and treats right to your door – which is awesome, because in addition to being attracted to bright colors and pretty packaging, I’m also super lazy and scatterbrained.

Check out nulo’s goodness on their web site — and don’t get freaked when that cat and dog on the home page start moving (like maybe I did).

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Camping season is in full swing, y’all. I can’t wait to get out in nature and do nature-y things. We haven’t been on a camping trip yet this spring — we’re still trying to psych Dottie up for it. (She doesn’t really “get” the whole camping thing. Mingus, on the other hand, would probably prefer we just live full time in the woods.) I love camping, and fun doggie camping products make it even better.

This Eco Food Sac from ABO Gear, Inc. looks like the perfect thing for a camping trip or a weekend at the beach. It’s made of all-natural, heavy-duty jute fiber (which is biodegradable and recyclable), and it even comes with a little bamboo scoop.

Check out ABO’s site for all kinds of fun outdoor and travel gear as well as strong, eco-friendly jute toys.

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Harry Barker has tons of fun new stuff coming out for spring, like these swanky beds and these awesome little fish toys.

My favorite of their new products, though, is this big ol’ dog food canister that reminds me of one of those industrial-sized paint cans — but fancy.

The Bon Chien dog food storage canister is available May 1st from Harry Barker.

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Believe it or not, I don’t buy every cool dog product I come across. Let’s be honest here — mama’s self-employed, and she’s gotta raise the rent. And while my willpower is generally low when it comes to economic abstinence, it’s quite easy to say no when it comes to treats and food. The mere thought This may cause explosive diarrhea is often enough to encourage pause.

These little tasties, however, have been catching my eye in our neighborhood grocery store for several weeks now, and I just might break down and get some soon enough.

(I love the design of these bags — like the pup’s doing the punchline from that old “Do you like see-food” joke.)

Dog Joy treats (from FreshPet Select) are found in the refrigerated section of your grocery store — ’cause they’re made from 100% natural ingredients and gently cooked, just like real people food. Since they need refrigeration to stay fresh, I’m guessing they’re not heavily processed and full of scary preservatives and chemicals like lots of other grocery-store treats.

Dog Joy treats are available at your grocery store in beef and chicken varieties.

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I have this little trick when I need to remember something later on: I just whip out my phone and send myself an email. Brilliant, huh? I do this often when I’m out and about and want to remember a cool dog product I see that I want to look into when I get home. I saw the Pet Trek Traveler the other night flipping through a Real Simple magazine while watching snowboarding with some friends, and I promptly emailed the link to myself for further investigation.


The Traveler is a lightweight portable food/water storage system that comes apart to reveal two separate compartments that can also be used as bowls. And that cute little bone in the handle? That’s a rubber chew toy. Awesome.

The Traveler comes in blue, gray, and pink (yay!) and is currently backordered on Pet Trek’s website, but it looks like you can also fetch it from SpaceSavers. (Also check out Pet Trek’s Walker, a portable water bottle and bowl.)

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Nutty pumpkin crunch. Creamy sole with summer garden vegetables. Mediterranean chicken.

Tasty recipes from this month’s Bon Appetit? Nope. They’re all recipes for healthy, wholesome homecooked meals for your dog found in Made out of Love, a new recipe book from The Honest Kitchen… and one lucky phetched reader will win a copy signed by the author, along with some yummy THK samples!


You may already know The Honest Kitchen for their healthy, human-grade, grain- and gluten-free dehydrated dog foods and supplements. Now Lucy Postins, founder and president of THK (and companion animal nutritionist), has compiled this collection of 65 recipes for homecooked dishes for your dogs and cats, from quick and easy food toppers to delectable main courses and desserts. Postins includes helpful information about ingredients, portion sizes, and foods that can help pets with ailments such as fleas, itchy skin, and diabetes.

Each recipe is clearly coded as suitable for dogs, cats, and in many cases, humans too (although I do think I’d pass on “sardine salad” anyway). While some recipes require the use of specific THK dehydrated foods, many of the recipes can be made with ingredients right from your grocery store.

If you’d like the chance to win a signed copy of Made out of Love, including some THK dehydrated samples, check out entry info after the jump.

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Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Head over to Barnes & Noble and pick up a copy of The Ultimate Dog Treat Cookbook by Liz Palika (Wiley & Sons, 2005, 128 pp.)

The cookbook includes 50 drool-inducing recipes like Taco Treats and Molasses Granola Balls.


Liz Palika is an award-winning professional dog trainer and writer and is the author of over 40 books on animal behavior and training.

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