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So the rustic thing is totally in for 2011, right? I don’t know. I just made that up. But rustic is about to be in at my house with the Woodland bowl and treat jar and Urban Country dog bowls from o.r.e. pet. These are so rad.

You can fetch the Woodland and Urban Country collections from o.r.e. pet and 347 Barkers Place.

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We’ve been renovating our kitchen for the past few weeks. Amazingly, it has not driven my husband and me to divorce, and I’ve actually enjoyed our recent foray into home improvement (all except the four-month delay on our new countertops, of course). Our house is a mid-century modern ranch, so we’re trying to update while still holding true to the architectural style of the home.

If you’re into that retro-vibe thing, these doggie diner bowls and mats from o.r.e. pet might be right up your alley.

You can fetch them at Krazy For Pets.

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OK, true story, and somewhat of a confession: I, Maven of Stylish Doggie Wares (a somewhat self-proclaimed title), currently have my dogs’ water bowl perched upon a metal plant stand. As in, a metal tripod with a plastic tray meant to hold a philodendron or the like.

The problem is that Dottie goes for a drink, then steps away, and three-fourths of the water that was formerly in her mouth dribbles all over the floor. We had the bowl on a cute mat before, but the dribbled water was getting caught under the mat and creating an issue with our hardwood floors. With the elevated bowl, we can at least wipe the water up before it does any damage. The plant stand is doing the job OK, but it’s a little rickety, and it looks sooo bootleg, y’all.

So I’ve been shopping in earnest for cool elevated feeders. While my favorite is still probably the Doca Pet Y.Bowl, here are a couple of cool options I found at PupLife — the Seesaw and the Cantilever Dog Diners.

Or, perhaps I just need a doggie drool cup — but I haven’t found one of those yet. Comment if you know where I can find one…

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Breaking news!! Historic achievement!! Sweeping revolution!!! American health care reform? No. The virtuosos over at Kong have introduced a new toy-slash-training tool called the Wobbler.

In fact, the Wobbler is apparently new enough that I was unable to find a decent image of it online. What I did find, though, is this rockin’ demo video, which, aside from inspiring some raging air guitar, shows exactly how the Wobbler works.

It looks like the Wobbler isn’t widely available yet — I only found it one or two places online — but I’m sure it’ll be on shelves everywhere real soon.

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