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So, being 33 means that you’ve lived long enough to see various fashions come and go and come back again. Popped collars, shutter shades, even (gagggg) shoulder pads — these have all been done before. One fashion trend I’ve actually been kind of stoked to welcome back is leg warmers. I don’t know – there’s just something warm and cozy and “Get in Shape, Girl” that I love about them. (And if you got that “Get in Shape, Girl” reference, you’re probably also somewhere around 33. Congratulations!)

The Hydrant, out of Toronto, crafts legwarmers for dogs that, hello, I love. It’s fashion with function — and functionality is my rule when it comes to clothes on dogs.

The Hydrant’s handmade cotton legwarmers are available in sizes extra small to extra large (or custom sizes). Check them out at The Hydrant.

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Dang, these dogs dress better than I do.

Handmade, lined, beautifully detailed doggie coats made from salvaged fabric by Bee by the Sea.

Check it! Just for phetched readers, Bee by the Sea is offering a generous 15% OFF! Just use the coupon code 2BEETHANKFUL2 in the Etsy shop linked above. Thanks, Bee by the Sea!

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Look at this blouse!! With little poodles!! From ModCloth!!

Sadly, the Looking Pup Top is currently sold out. But you can request to be notified on restock. So you can order it!!

Update, 3:48 p.m. – It’s back in stock!! Woo hoo!!!

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Well, the stage is set. Let’s hear it, phans – whose gear will your pup be sporting on February 6th?

You can fetch officially licensed Packers and Steelers gear at Doggie Nation, or stock up on gear for your favorite team for next season. Preseason’s only seven months away!

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It gets pretty cold up here in the mountains from time to time, but being Husky mixes, Mingus and Dottie are pretty well suited for it. Thus they don’t require a lot of clothing, a fact I occasionally lament. Dottie has one little sweater that is the. cutest. thing., and Mingus has a little collared jacket that is wicked handsome. Secret? I really want a little corduroy jacket for him with elbow patches (he is The Professor, after all). Somebody make me one.

Anyway, George has a great selection of classy sweaters and jackets to protect your pup from winter’s chill.

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I love dog stuff… but I can’t stand frilly, silly dog clothing. No offense if that’s your thing – it’s just not mine. I guess it’s sort of a rule I have that if I wouldn’t wear it myself, I won’t make my dog wear it.

It’s hard to find dog clothing that works within this stipulation, though, so I was super pumped when a friend sent me the link to Rover. Finally! Classic, classy, well-tailored dog clothing that, were I canine, I wouldn’t mind sporting around town.

With their Classic and Winter 2010 collections, Rover co-founders AnneMarie Minardi and Gillian Ward offer charming handmade clothing for both small and big dogs with commendable attention to design, durability, and craftsmanship. You can browse the collections on their website and in their Etsy shop.

Tail wags to Sarah for the tip!

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Y’all remember that Black Eyed Peas song from a few years ago, “Where Is the Love”? Yeah? Well, I hate that song. I want to strangle that song with my bare hands. No offense.

But I’m all about spreading the love – as is Hug Me Up, a company “based on the simple philosophy that no matter who you are, how old you are, or what is happening in your life, sometimes one simple gesture can make all the difference in the world and say all we need to say.” Since dogs, to me, are all about spreading, too, I think it’s super fitting that Hug Me Up offers a line of doggie tank tops and bandanas. I also love the fact that Hug Me Up is based right here in beautiful North Carolina, just like yours truly.

And guess what’s cool? Hug Me Up gives $1 from the sale of every “Life’s Ruff” shirt (pictured above) to the Best Friends Animal Society.

You can fetch doggie bandanas and tees featuring all kinds of cute sayings at Hug Me Up’s website.

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Happy Labor Day, American pups and peeps! Did you know that the first Labor Day was celebrated in New York City in 1882, and Congress eventually made Labor Day a national holiday as a sort of reconciliation with the labor movement? That’s all from Wikipedia. I don’t really know much about the history of Labor Day, because to me Labor Day (or at least Labor Day weekend) is a national holiday celebrating the official start of college football. Can I get an amen? And the official start of college football means that regular season NFL games are right around the corner. It’s a glorious time.

So, is your pooch ready? As we all know, dogs care a lot about football, and about all sports, for that matter. You can get your pup outfitted in your favorite college or pro team’s gear thanks to Doggie Nation, which offers officially licensed gear for pups for dozens of NFL and college teams.

Fetch football jerseys, leashes, collars, bandanas, bowls, toys, caps, and more for your little fan at Doggie Nation.

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The temperature here in the mountains has been hovering around a chilly 80 degrees the past few days, and I’ve got the 726-page September Vogue sitting here on the table beside me, which means my mind is on one thing only: fall fashion. I don’t necessarily have $128 lying around to spend on a sweater right now (and if I had money to burn, I’d be getting these sunglasses), but if I catch this Anthropologie Dog Trot cardigan on sale, I might snatch it up.

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Can we talk about a little problem we’re having here? It’s not pretty. Mingus has apparently decided he now has to poop twice on every walk. Is it his food? Is it a seasonal thing? Has he simply found yet another way to be jerky? It’s hard to tell. But the sad truth is we go through a lot of poop bags these days.

How about a spiffy little walking vest that would allow him to carry his own poop bags, both empty and, er, used? Excellent idea.

Tree Parlor, a wonderful little Etsy shop based just down the road from me in Greenville, SC, features Saddle Wags™, awesome little walking vests and jackets (many made from upcycled clothing) with expandable pockets for carrying poop bags, cell phones, house keys, or whatever else you might need on your walk. Tree Parlor also offers some cute but classy winter coats for when this heat (finally) passes on.

Fetch Saddle Wags™ at Tree Parlor’s Etsy shop.

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