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You might have seen Rigel Stuhmiller’s letterpressed stationery before, either right here on phetched, or maybe on the Today show, Apartment Therapy, or Daily Candy. In an effort to help Save the Children with support efforts in earthquake- and tsunami-ravaged Japan, Rigel is currently donating all profits from her sales to the organization, with generous donors matching her donations up to 300%.

Rigel says:

As most people will know, many coastal regions of Japan were devastated by the recent tsunami. Over the past decade I have met many Japanese agricultural students from these affected regions through my work on Chino Nojo Farms in San Diego. Many of these students’ hometowns have been severely affected by the tsunami.

Save the Children is the leading independent organization creating lasting change in the lives of children in need in the United States and around the world. They work with other organizations, governments, non-profits and a variety of local partners while maintaining independence without political agenda or religious orientation. 90% of all expenditures go towards program services.

Check out the fun doggie designs in Rigel’s shop. She’s running her fundraiser through 12 a.m. March 22nd.

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We all know our dogs have hearts of gold (even when they’re doing horribly, terribly naughty stuff). I like to think they would gladly help pups in need if they could. Well, when they chomp down on Barkin’ Doggie Biscuits, they sort of can.

Barkin’ Doggie Biscuits is a brand-new company with a whole lot of heart. For every biscuit sold, they donate a biscuit to a doggie in need at a shelter, rescue organization, or foster home. So when you buy a pound of Barkin’ Doggie Biscuits for your pup to enjoy, Barkin’ Doggie sends a pound of biscuits to one of their partner rescue groups for adoptable doggies to enjoy. Pretty cool, right?

(And that logo? Squeal.)


Inspired by their rescue dogs Zeus and Rocky, Barkin’ Doggie proprietors Annvi and Tobiah Utter didn’t just want to give adoptable dogs something to bark about (and help raise awareness of rescue and adoption) — they wanted to create super tasty, healthy treats with “all natural, pronounceable ingredients.” The three available Barkin’ Doggie flavors contain yummy, wholesome ingredients like peanut butter, molasses, mint, pumpkin, honey, flaxseed, and cinnamon. My pups sampled some Pucker Up! treats, and I can only guess by the way they snap to attention anytime someone’s within a 10-foot radius of the bag that they’re pretty darn good.

Visit Barkin’ Doggie’s site to learn more about their mission and their products, and visit their online store to start payin’ it forward in biscuits.

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