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So the rustic thing is totally in for 2011, right? I don’t know. I just made that up. But rustic is about to be in at my house with the Woodland bowl and treat jar and Urban Country dog bowls from o.r.e. pet. These are so rad.

You can fetch the Woodland and Urban Country collections from o.r.e. pet and 347 Barkers Place.

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Check out the handmade modern dog furniture and accessories at ModPet. While I think a certain company could take issue with their slogan, I love these sleek, sophisticated designs.

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WHOA! Check out these bowls!! They’re so cool they’re levitating!!!

The Phorm bowl is sleek, sophisticated, and made of easy-to-clean cast resin (with a removable stainless-steel bowl). And, apparently, they may or may not have magical powers.

Fetch it at Unleashed Life.

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We’ve been renovating our kitchen for the past few weeks. Amazingly, it has not driven my husband and me to divorce, and I’ve actually enjoyed our recent foray into home improvement (all except the four-month delay on our new countertops, of course). Our house is a mid-century modern ranch, so we’re trying to update while still holding true to the architectural style of the home.

If you’re into that retro-vibe thing, these doggie diner bowls and mats from o.r.e. pet might be right up your alley.

You can fetch them at Krazy For Pets.

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Please, oh please, just once, I want to find a Tiffany Blue Box® under the Christmas tree, just for me.

How about a lovely food and water bowl set in Tiffany blue — or at least close to it? (The famous Tiffany Blue is, in fact, a trademarked Pantone color. True story.)

These food and water bowls from Bijou Dog are specially designed for smaller pups with longer hair — the food bowl is rounded and shallow (perfect for little faces) and the water bowl is designed to help keep longer muzzle hair from getting soaked. Aaaaand they’re pretty!

Fetch them from Bijou Dog — in Tiffany and other patterns!

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In case y’all haven’t noticed, I like color. Specifically, I like bright, bold colors that say “HELLOOOO!” when you look at them. We just painted a wall in our living room a Mad-Menny teal color called “Winter Surf.” HELLOOOO!

This brightly colored diningware from Yep Yup is right up my rainbow-colored alley.

Bowls, mats, and treat jars are sold individually and as sets at Yep Yup.

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You might remember that last week on the show phetched we talked about Dottie’s drinking problem, which we’re still dealing with. Then, like a glorious bolt from above, yesterday’s Daily Kibble appeared in my inbox and seemed written just for me. There it was, exactly what I need: the Premier Pet Spill-less Bowl.

Hello, friend.

The Spill-less Bowl is designed to keep water in the bowl instead of on my socks the floor, as its special lip prevents water spillage. (I just wish it were made of metal, for sanitation reasons.)

You can fetch the Premier Pet Spill-less Bowl from Amazon, and you can subscribe to Daily Kibble on their web site.

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I’ve been praying that Crate & Barrel would come out with a line of doggie products FOREVERRR, and finally the housewares gods have listened! You’re welcome.

There’s a whole line of doggie accessories and gear over at CrateandBarrel.com, my favorites of the collection being the bowls, treat jars, and placemat.

Anybody know if they’re carrying it in stores, too? We don’t have a Crate & Barrel up here in the mountains (a situation that did give me pause before moving here, to tell you the truth).

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I love living in North Carolina. And I love living in the mountains. But if I could go to New York City, say, every other weekend or so? That would be perfect.

This New York City Subway placemat would serve as a cool daily reminder of the city I love.

You can fetch it from Canine Styles – along with those red Bauer bowls.

(with tail wags to Sarah)

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Well, we moved again, this time for keeps — or at least for the foreseeable future. We bought a house and are sloooowly getting moved in. The best news is that I finally have that awesome outdoor patio that I’ve spoken of, wishfully, before. Eventually I’d like to get a nice lookin’ doggie water bowl for the patio, and in sniffin’ around I came across these cool glass bowls. I think they’re probably the first glass dog bowls I’ve seen before, and I kinda like ‘em.

You can fetch the Arf Glass Bowl at Barker & Meowsky.

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