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I’m not going to lie: a big part of me still really likes Paul Frank. Is that cool? I don’t even know. I know for a fact that I am often not cool. But once you’re an adult, like a real adult, you get to work with a new definition of “cool.” Sometimes uncool actually becomes cool. It’s pretty cool.

The filling for these Paul Frank dog beds is made from recycled plastic bottles, and they feature a non-skid bottom. That’s definitely cool. Paul Frank also has a dog-friendly workplace. Again: cool.


(If you think these beds are cool, you can fetch them from Funny Fur.)

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Check out the handmade modern dog furniture and accessories at ModPet. While I think a certain company could take issue with their slogan, I love these sleek, sophisticated designs.

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Planet Momo is a new online store offering “stylist, high-quality products for pets and their people.” In fact, they’ve got many of our favorite doggie things on hand, from the likes of Jax & Bones, Mascot, Doca Pet, Molly Mutt, Harry Barker, and more. They’ve also got a great selection of eco-friendly toys, collars, and other items.

The best part? Through Thursday Planet Momo is offering phetched readers 15% OFF their entire site! Use coupon code PHETCHED in your checkout cart to get the deal.

Coupon code expires Friday, April 8th at 12:00 a.m. Pacific time.

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Let’s talk about dog beds. Let’s talk about how booooooring some dog beds are. Solid-colored, stuffing-filled lumps. Or even worse…. plaid. Come on, now. That’s not you. You have style. You have panache. You’ve got a dog who needs a snazzy dog bed.

San Francisco-based P.L.A.Y. (Pet Lifestyle and You) is here to help. Their modern dog beds, many featuring sophisticated but fun designs by artist David Collins, offer a bold answer to boring dog beds.

Pretty cool, right? Not boring at all. Plus, what’s even cooler – P.L.A.Y. beds are filled with stuffing made from recycled plastic bottles, with a large round bed containing as many as 92 recycled plastic bottles. PLUS, if you’ve already got a bed that’s perfectly good, if only a little booooooring, P.L.A.Y. offers their awesome designs in covers alone. Brilliant!

You can see all the designs and fetch non-boring beds at P.L.A.Y.

(OK, OK, kidding about the plaid thing. Sort of.)

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Did I hear you say you wanted easy-to-clean, colorful, retro-inspired felt dog beds with cute applique animals on them? I thought so. I’m krazy (yes, with a “K”) about these pillow beds from The Premium Pet.

I’m also stoked to share with you an exclusive coupon code for The Premium Pet — you can enjoy 15% off all orders (anything in the shop -  not just beds!) with the coupon code PHETCHED at checkout. And the first 20 shoppers to use that code will receive a FREE collar from Gozo Dog. Awesome, right? Scurry on over to The Premium Pet and go shopping!

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I saw these awesome, colorful Crypton pillows and dog beds on Dog Milk yesterday, and somewhere in the recesses of my mind flashed a memory of an email I received a couple of days ago from a Crypton rep — an email I skimmed and then promptly forgot because we moved a week ago and ever since my brain has felt like it’s the consistency of something rather like cottage cheese. I swear, I will never move again. I WILL BE BURIED IN THIS HOUSE. Which could happen quite by accident right now, actually, with all these boxes and newspapers and stacks of stuff around.

Anyway. William Wegman for Crypton has debuted three new patterns, and they’re delicious. Crypton, as you know, is that magical stain-resistant, ultra-durable fabric, and William Wegman, is… well, you know.

Hmm… our new house has a perfect little corner in the living room for a dog bed to fit, and I’ve been thinking about getting something snazzy to place there that the pups could share. If a dog bed’s not in your current budget, check out the pillows in Crypton’s shop. Superb!


Here in the South, we are ALL ABOUT some monogramming and personalization. Women carry purses with their names or initials embroidered on them. Kids? It’s apparently required that their names are tattooed all over everything they own. Even men sport embroidered initials on their dress shirts. Down here people even personalize their cars. I’m not sure I get that one.

Anyway, while I’m not really into the whole personalization and monogramming thing as a whole, per se, I love these personalized dog bed covers from Bow Wow Beds. They’re simple and militaristic – just like me.

Bow Wow Beds’ dog bed covers (and crate covers) are handmade from machine-washable cotton duck canvas. You can check them out at Bow Wow Beds.

(Anyone know what toy that bottom pup is holding? It looks… interesting…)

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I can’t decide if I like Cozy Puffs for their bright colors, their clean yet fun design, or the fact that I think I’d really like curling up on one myself.

I guess it’s all of the above.

Cozy Puffs are made in the USA from Polartec and hypoallergenic polyfil and are machine washable. You can customize one to fit your decor or your mood at Cozy Puffs’ web site.

Also cool? Cozy Puffs donates a portion of every sale to Operation Baghdad Pups.


When my husband and I made a hasty move across the state seven months ago, we chose our current rental house by seeing photos on the internet and briefly checking Google Maps. While I wouldn’t necessarily recommend our methodology, we actually lucked out with a pretty charming little place. We’ll soon start looking for a place of our own, and one thing I really want — besides a big fenced yard, of course — is, in said yard, a bricked-in patio with a firepit. Husband: make it happen.

And on said patio? Maybe a couple of these.

You can fetch Bowsers waterproof, mold-resistant patio beds from PupLife. I, unfortunately, have to start saving for a down payment.

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I moseyed over to PetSmart this weekend to pick up some glucosamine tabs for Ming and Dizz (good enough excuse, right?), but I was secretly hoping I’d finally get to sneak a peek at the new Martha Stewart Pets line. Ever since hearing that the collection would debut in PetSmart this month, I’ve been eager to take a gander at what Sharkey and Francesca’s mom would come up with.

The collection is far bigger than I thought it would be, complete with bowls, feeders, leashes, collars, clothing, beds, grooming tools, and toys. The design is clean, and the colors are pleasing. In my humble opinion, the highlights of the collection? The grooming tote, waste bag dispensers, crocheted squeaky toys, and super-affordable mattress beds.

Martha Stewart Pets is currently available in-store at select PetSmarts but should be available online soon.

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