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You’ve heard about Casual Fridays? Well, this is Fancy Monday here at phetched, featuring seriously swanky collars, leashes, and accessories from Luxe Mutt.

Luxe Mutt designer Sharon Zuckerman has worked with Badgley Mischka and Jonathan Adler (hollerrrrrr), and their lovely leather goods are handmade in California.

You can fetch Luxe Mutt goods here and keep an eye on their upcoming web site here.


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Gorgeous, runway-worthy, blizzinged-out leather collars from Hartman & Rose. Check out the whole collection, including leads, on their website.

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Somewhere around 2:24 every afternoon, when the pups are gettin’ into that really deep afternoon kind of sleep, I completely lose all ability to concentrate on my work. It’s like a physical sickness. I tell myself I’ll take a break with a little Facebook visit or a YouTube video or two, and 45 minutes later I’m printing out crock-pot recipes and checking airline ticket prices to Phoenix. Somewhere in that black hole of afternoon time suck, I always visit ModCloth.

I’m stoked to see ModCloth’s new collection of leashes and collars, most notably the Right Bark ‘Atcha collar and leash.

The Right Bark ‘Atcha set isn’t yet available, but you can sign up to receive a notification when it’s in stock and available for purchase.

While you’re over at ModCloth, check out their Bow-WOW contest. You can submit a video of your pup performing her best trick for a chance to win a $200 gift certificate! Mingus and Dottie have to learn a trick FAST.

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Weeee-oooo! Weeee-oooo! Weeee-oooo! Cute tag alert!

These are Happy Tags. They’re handmade, completely personalizable, printable on both sides, and come in sizes tiny through extra large.

Check ‘em out at Happy Tags.

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I saw these nametag-inspired dog tags on Dog Milk the other day, and I’m going to repost them here because a) I love them and b) I’m a lazy blogger (not really. I was busy meeting a deadline for my far-less-interesting, but better-paying, day job).

When we go to the dog park, my husband and I love to check out tags to learn the names of the dogs we meet. Seeing one of these on a dog’s collar, as if the pup’s at a professional development seminar or something, would give me a good chuckle.

You can fetch silver-plated, handmade, round or square “Hello, My Name Is” ID tags from Animal Outfitters.

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It’s definitely been feeling like spring here lately, and it’s got me feeling like I need a new pair of shoes. Of course, almost anything can make me feel like I need a new pair of shoes — if it’s Tuesday, or Wednesday, or rainy, or sunny, or I’m happy or sad. You get the idea.

Maybe your pup is feeling like she needs to rock a fresh new style for spring? Our pals at Cody’s Creations are offering 15% off your entire purchase in their shop. Go and take a peek at their handmade collars, harnesses, leashes, and handy treat pockets and leash pouches.

To get 15% off your entire purchase at Cody’s Creations, use coupon code PFT0311.

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You’ve probably checked out Aroo Studio before, but if you haven’t, do it. NOW. (And not just because they have the coolest name ever.) Aroo Studio, known for stylish, eco-friendly collars, leashes, and accessories, has added a bunch of fun new prints to its collection. Made from sturdy organic cotton and hemp, the folks at Aroo pride themselves on collars and leads that are both fashionable and functional.

Head on over to Aroo’s site and give ‘em a sniff.

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Bow Wow Couture‘s got sharp handmade collars (and collar flowers) in pretty fall fabrics for girls and boys.

Check ‘em out at Bow Wow Couture.

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This fall, LeSportsac has (finally) introduced a new line of pet carriers. If I actually have to explain in words to you how much I love LeSportsac, it’s possible that we can’t be friends anymore.

LeSportsac’s pet carrier features a zippered main closure and exterior pocket, a removable bottom panel, and its own 6-foot dog leash. Look for more colors and sizes coming in 2011.

My dogs don’t really need carriers — although carrying Dottie on a walk would probably be less physically taxing than actually walking her — so I might just have to settle for the (CUTE!!) dog bone toy instead.

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I have some friends whose dog is scared of new leather products and freaks a little every time one of them brings home, say, a new pair of leather shoes. Funny, because every time I have a new pair of leather shoes I want to bury my face in them and rub it around like Mingus does on the carpet after he’s had a really tasty meal.

I’ve said it before: dogs are weird.

Check out the gorgeous bespoke leather goods from Sydney, Australia’s Ruthless Leather. Won’t someone please buy me one of these scrumptious handmade leashes or collars?

Ruthless’ leashes and collars are custom-made to order from quality bridle leather with durable silver or brass hardware. Ruthless is so confident in the quality of their products that they guarantee their craftsmanship for ten years. And I bet they smell awesome.

The founder of Ruthless Leather, Ruth O’Leary, is also an award-winning photographer. You can check out some of her beautiful photographs here.

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