December 29, 2010Disclosure Statement

I am not paid or compensated to express the opinions in this blog. Occasionally I am sent free products for review, and in all such cases I state clearly what I received and from whom I received it. If no source of a product is stated, it means I either do not own the product or purchased it myself. Receiving a product free of charge will not influence my opinion or review of that item or whether that item will be featured on my blog.

Any opinions expressed on this blog are solely my opinions and are not the result of any gifts or compensation from, or other material connection to, any vendor, manufacturer, or other third party. Even if you promise to be my best friend, it won’t earn you a positive review. All reviews are solely the result of my experiences and observations and should be verified by readers independently. If I receive a product sample I do not like, it is returned without public comment. Most of the items I feature on this blog are just things I find and admire as I’m obsessively shopping for dog stuff.



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