April 5, 2011Coupon Code for Planet Momo

Planet Momo is a new online store offering “stylist, high-quality products for pets and their people.” In fact, they’ve got many of our favorite doggie things on hand, from the likes of Jax & Bones, Mascot, Doca Pet, Molly Mutt, Harry Barker, and more. They’ve also got a great selection of eco-friendly toys, collars, and other items.

The best part? Through Thursday Planet Momo is offering phetched readers 15% OFF their entire site! Use coupon code PHETCHED in your checkout cart to get the deal.

Coupon code expires Friday, April 8th at 12:00 a.m. Pacific time.

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  1. Ashley’s avatar

    Is it weird that I want to get a kitty and name it Momo? No.. that’s totally not weird.. right?

  2. blanket’s avatar

    Heading over there quick! Sounds like a bargain!

  3. Hendrick’s avatar

    @Ashley – we at PLANET MOMO would love it if you got a kitty and named it Momo. Forget about weird, that would just be awesome!

  4. Miles’s avatar

    i cannot resist a discount code. Never have. Never will. What an awesome new shop!

  5. phetched’s avatar

    Same here, Miles – can’t turn away from the siren’s song of a coupon code.

  6. Pup Fan’s avatar

    Ashley – Mom would be a totally awesome cat name!

  7. Pup Fan’s avatar

    Er, Momo – I hit enter too soon!

  8. JB’s avatar

    Hi all, this is JB from PLANET MOMO. I noticed that we’re running a bit low on some of our inventory – so if you see something you like but it happens to be out of stock, send us an email at [email protected]. I would be more than happy to honor the 15% discount (provided the email is sent by Friday 12:01am PST) if you don’t mind waiting a week or two longer to get your product. Thanks!

  9. phetched’s avatar

    Thanks, JB!

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