March 28, 2011Mascot Sailor’s Knot Lead

Yeah, so maybe it’s like 40 degrees and gray and rainy here, but bump that. It’s SPRING. I refuse to acknowledge anything to the contrary. In my head it’s 70 degrees and we’re grilling out and taking long evening walks with the dogs.

The Sailor’s Knot leash from Mascot is perfect for a long spring-y walk, and it’ll look great on the beach this summer, too.

The Sailor’s Knot Lead is made of water-repellent polypropylene cording and is available from Mascot’s web site.

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  1. Pup Fan’s avatar

    Oooh… perfect for summer!

  2. Katherine’s avatar

    I loved this leash – we had it in red and I was so excited when I got it last summer. Until the clip released on a walk with our dog and she ran – we got her – thank goodness she loves us/doesn’t run into the street without sitting and waiting for us! I loved the style, but my fiancee made me get rid of it after it continued happening :(

  3. phetched’s avatar

    Oh no! That’s no good at all. I had a leash that did that once, and I couldn’t use it ether because it made me so nervous. Later I saw that the manufacturer (Lupine, I think) had changed the clip back to a stronger style, maybe after getting feedback from customers?

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