February 21, 2011Bee by the Sea

Dang, these dogs dress better than I do.

Handmade, lined, beautifully detailed doggie coats made from salvaged fabric by Bee by the Sea.

Check it! Just for phetched readers, Bee by the Sea is offering a generous 15% OFF! Just use the coupon code 2BEETHANKFUL2 in the Etsy shop linked above. Thanks, Bee by the Sea!

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  1. Adventureweiner’s avatar

    Very pretty coats. Our doxie’s hike a lot so their jackets tend to get muddy but these would be very nice for a day on the town.

  2. OscarBlogger’s avatar

    Those are beautiful! Probably fancier than any coat I own…

  3. Two Pitties in the Citys’s avatar

    Those are very cute. I wonder if they come in size BIG.

  4. Ashley’s avatar

    Must resist.. must resist.. must resist!

  5. Amy’s avatar

    Beautiful material and adorable coats. Oh yea, the models are pretty darn cute too!!

  6. Pup Fan’s avatar

    Wow… those are gorgeous.

  7. Kahuna's K9s’s avatar

    Let’s just say, hypothetically, these could be made for a human…what size would we order ;) Hypothetically, of course.

  8. phetched’s avatar

    Totally hypothetically.. an extra extra extra extra extra extra large? Meaning no offense, of course… :D

  9. Karen’s avatar

    Those are so cute! Love the material.

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