January 27, 2011Dyson Groom

We have quite a bit of dog hair around our house. (Perhaps I’ve mentioned it before.) As a result, our Dyson gets quite a workout, and I must say I’m impressed with how good a job it does. (I’m getting a little annoyed with Dyson’s commercials, though. What’s Mr. Dyson’s deal, exactly? It’s a vacuum cleaner, guy. The overlord tone is getting old.)

Anyway, Dysons truly are champs at handling dog hair, and now Dyson’s come out with something designed to address the hair problem at its source — that is, while it’s still on your dog. The Dyson Groom is a new tool (vacuum cleaner not included, of course) that you use to literally vacuum your dog. The Dyson Groom sucks the loose hair right off Fido before it has a chance to fly about and land on your floor, your furniture, or your children and friends.

Now, lest you laugh, I have friends who vacuum their dogs (with their standard vacuum attachments), and reportedly (a) it works and (b) the dogs love it. In the case of the Groom, though, $69.99 will buy you that super-special Dyson engineering — including slicker bristles that gently pull and smooth the hair, a spring-loaded trigger and storage mode, one-handed thumb control, and a self-cleaning mechanism.

Depending on your dog’s feelings about the vaccuum cleaner, it may or may not resemble a medieval torture device.

You can learn more about the Dyson Groom at Dyson’s website.

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  1. rebecca’s avatar

    this would be a total torture device for poor Boone…. he hides from the vacuum every time it makes an appearance. too bad, though, because i bet this would be awesome!

  2. Lori @ According to Gus’s avatar

    OMG….thansk for sharing. We love our Dyson and had no idea they added a dog grooming tool to their product mix. We are definitely buying this!

  3. sarah.wandering.’s avatar

    If only Lucy wasn’t terrified of the vacuum. With the amount she sheds, I’m usually brushing, sweeping and then vacuuming. This would help me out a lot – but I’d probably also put my vacuum into overdrive!

  4. Steph B’s avatar

    This is a good idea! I’m surprised that most vacuum manufacturers don’t make a version of this. We’ve used vacuums (shop vacs and custom machines) on our horses for decades. Vacuums really get the dirt and loose hair out of the coat, they improve circulation, and they prevent you from inhaling all the dirt/dust/hair/dander/stuff that grooming creates! Great idea! :) Also, if your dog doesn’t like the slicker-brush variety, try looking through a horse catalog or website to get a curry or plain comb vacuum attachment – they sometimes have those!

  5. Two Pitties in the City’s avatar

    We were just looking at this! I was kind of concerned that our dogs would be afraid of it, but I wonder if there’s some kind of training method to get them acclimated to it. Has anyone tried this?

  6. Heather’s avatar

    Yeah, unfortunately this wouldn’t fly at my home either! I wish it would, but Murphy hates the vacuum and hides as soon as it come out… Darn.

  7. phetched’s avatar

    Yeah, Mingus would probably love this – but Dottie would probably completely shut down if we came at her with this thing. I was thinking like you were, Two Pitties, that using treats and other methods you could work slowly toward getting a timid dog to accept it, just as I guess you would with other grooming implements (like the dreaded nail clippers!).

    @Steph- I seriously want to get a horse get vacuumed now. That’s awesome. :D

  8. Kim’s avatar

    Oh no, great idea but my dogs would run for the hills – and there aren’t many hills close by!

  9. Forever Foxed’s avatar

    Hilarious! My dog Noodles thinks the hoover is the sworn enemy and attacks it by barking and trying to get the hose in his mouth. As a consequence not much hoovering goes on in our house. Result!

  10. Pup Fan’s avatar

    I’m intrigued. We have a Dyson… wonder if Bella would let me try this out on her!

  11. Maria’s avatar

    *gasp* I need this. Thank you for the tip of its existence! By the way – we got the Dyson Animal almost a year ago and it is AWESOME! Our Border Collie/Lab (Boone’s long lost sister, Ruthie) should have no hair with as much as she sheds and it has no troubles. However, with 2 little humans crawling around, if I could get some of that hair before it hits the ground, that would be ideal.

  12. phetched’s avatar

    Hey, y’all – Dog Milk gave the Groom a shot and has a review up here: http://bit.ly/gQf8x2

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