January 24, 2011Super (Dog) Bowl

Well, the stage is set. Let’s hear it, phans – whose gear will your pup be sporting on February 6th?

You can fetch officially licensed Packers and Steelers gear at Doggie Nation, or stock up on gear for your favorite team for next season. Preseason’s only seven months away!

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  1. Jaime from Dog Milk’s avatar


    OK not really because we’re Eagles fans, but the Steelers are the closest things to the Eagles in the bowl.

  2. Helen’s avatar

    Spike and Dru will definitely be sporting Green Bay. We would have preferred one to be in Green Bay and the other in Jets but ah well…

  3. Steph B’s avatar

    Go Pack! Riker loves cheese, so this one’s a no-brainer for him. :) He has a Green Bay collar already, and will have a jersey when he’s full grown and we know how big it needs to be.

  4. phetched’s avatar

    Hahaha! Yeah, I guess if asked, most pups would perhaps choose cheese over steel. :D

    Helen – Not a good night for Jets fans, huh? :D

    It’s easy for me to throw stones… I’m a Panthers fan. This season was awful. Actually, I don’t even know if that’s a strong enough word for it.

  5. Janie K.’s avatar

    Well, my yellow lab and doberman are cheering on the Steelers. Go Steelers! Woof Woof….

  6. Peaches’s avatar

    Dear Phetched: As a fellow Panthers fan, I can feel your desperation. When someone said to me, “The Panthers suck worse than the Browns,” a little piece of me died. I still wear my Panthers Snuggie with pride, because I believe. In the words of LL Cool J: “Don’t call it a comeback!”

    That being said, Charlie is a Steelers fan, but his human (me) may be pulling for the Packers as I cannot stand Roethelsberger (sp? whatev). Still in all, we may have to procure a Steelers jersey for Charlie because he is too old for his mommy to be picking out his clothes, and he looks much better in sleek black and silver than he does in baby poop green.

    Ah, the sad, sad end of football season. Just like anything else worth enjoying, it always ends up going down the “bowl.”

  7. phetched’s avatar

    Bwa ha! Ain’t that the truth. Now, you know there’s a law in Steeler Country that you can’t wear new gear on game day once the season has started. So if you do want the Packers to win, then by all means get Charlie a Steeler jersey for the big game :D

  8. Peaches’s avatar

    So what you’re saying is, Charlie can root for his team, but if he wears a *new* jersey then secretly mine will still win? I may start doing this for the Panthers next year! I learn something new every single day from Phetched. You’re like the Wikipedia of the canine world. :D

  9. courtney’s avatar

    Such a great way to show your team spirit!!

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